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  1. Hey Matt :)Theres 2 things you could do. You can crop the fuselage psd for each psd.. this however can be a bit tricky, use the _1, _2 and _3 and put them on the fuselage.psd as a reference on where to crop.A better idea is to complete your repaint on the fuselage psd then drag over all the layers on to each of the 3 ready for saving. I believe most people do this and is the idea behind having a psd like this.
  2. I believe FSPaint and FSRepaint are one and the same from searching it on google, the correct name however is FSRepaint.
  3. Unfortunately you won't be able to generate layers from a bmp as part of the saving process will flatten them all. The main file format that is able to support layers is .psd but theres also .psp for Paintshop Pro and a couple of others.Some paint kits are actually just flattened bmps without a paintscheme, to me thats not really a paint kit. Although you should be able to find at least some form of paint kit for most flight sim planes, especially the more popular ones.Any other questions feel free to shoot :)
  4. I just installed it using the "djc_met.zip" as suggested, everything was fine including no green window. You might want to reinstall it to see if you missed anything the first time around.
  5. I have a feeling those zip files will have the model files required for the paint scheme.
  6. I don't see why you'd need the paint kit.. Do you have a link to the paint scheme?
  7. Its likely the mipmaps are causing the blurryness. See if by saving as DXT5 without mipmaps will let it still work in FSX.
  8. In DXTBmp make sure "Prefs" - "Display alpha channel" is ticked. On the right when saving make sure the "Include when saving" isn't ticked :)
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