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  1. Next, you must eliminate a troublesome registry setting that Windows uses for third party DLL trust policy selection. Check if the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WinTrust\Trust Providers\Software Publishing registry key is set to 0x63c00. This value is Microsoft's WinTrust policy selection flags, as described here. The 0x40000 flag means "Allow only items in personal trust database" and apparently, this clashes with FSX's ability to allow manual authorization of unrecognized DLLs, telling it instead to never trust anything outside the user's personal trust. Unsetting this flag (putting it back to its default 0x23c00 value) returns all operations to normal and Flight Simulator X will once again be able to ask the user to designate the PMDG DLL modules as 'Trusted' software. Bill -- Please explain for us older, dim bulbs how we might complete the "Next,...." portion of the fix. I'm very fond of this airplane and want it working fully in FSX, but haven't a clue how to do the HKEY_CURRENT stuff. Thanks. Lincoln
  2. Can't you get all the information you want from the FSNav map? That's what I've always depend upon FSNav for -- checking quickly to see exactly where in the world I am. Granted, the city has to have an airport to appear on the map view, but cities usually do. Small towns, perhaps not. You can also click the icon between the hammer and the question mark on the tool bar at the top of the FSNav map and get a small version of the map to appear on your FS9 screen as you fly. On this map, and the main map, you'll have navaid information for, plus bearing and distance to, any point around you on the map. Unless I misunderstand your question, FSNav does a great job of telling you just what you want to know.
  3. The last writer is correct. While you're looking at the black square, switch out of full-screen mode, and your aircraft pix will return. I was baffled by this problem for a long time until I read on another forum about its cause and how to solve it. I remember now that the problem appeared just after I updated my video card driver, but I didn't make the connection at the time. Good luck.
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