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  1. Hi Jim, thanks for your explanations. Will test it now: 1. I opened the Youtube site. 2. I clicked on Embed. 3. I copied the link ( which is the one below ) 4. I Clicked on the AVSIM Link icon and inserted the link info I copied under my item 3. above. That is the link below. Now it should work . I hope !!! http://<iframe width="1280" height="720" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Dietmar Sorry, seems not to work. May be I copied the complete text Youtube provided me in the Embed field. So will now just copy the link info here and see what happens. Will it work now ? Dietmar Jim, It works and the video will played if I click on the link. So far so good, but I still do not see the video picture on my post like on the others. Where is the trick ???????????? Dietmar
  2. This link should will work. The video will show you a Typhoon Eurofighter in a Mission with the US in the Middlke East. I still do not know on how to insert a video in this forum section to show me a pic as it does on the other posts. May be somebody can teach me how It works. Dietmar
  3. Bob, it will restore not your own files but all your entries in the registry, so you are back on a system at that point where the checkpoint has been taken. And you can switch back to your current system if you want. Regarding a image save, you may need a tool like Norton Ghost or ....... ? There are other tools too to provide this function. I think it is mandatory for our FSX hobby to do a complete image save from time to time. I know people doing it at least every 4 weeks. Others every week. It takes just 20 to 40 minutes. In this case you can easy fall back to your saved system with everything. Dietmar
  4. Hi Bob, why not checking your Windows checkpoint/restart list ? If you have a checkpoint from a couple of days ago, just give it a try and fall back. And you should have a complete image save from your system for this kind of situations. Have you ? Even if it is 4 weeks old it it may be better to fall back to that as going with a re-install of FSX etc.. Who knows what else is corrupted. Dietmar
  5. Mach 4 ! Look at the down load file for more information. Dietmar
  6. May be this helps: Dietmar
  7. Why you are not using the FSX SDK tools for your scenery developement , or the ADE tool, or the SBuilderX tool ? On all of them coordinates are covered. Dietmar
  8. D-AIMA here a link where you get a gauge which will do what you are looking for. This looks a little complicated, but it works. Secondly, also just a little XML gauge per VIEW and the corresponmding bmp will give you the same thing. Dietmar
  9. Hi Alan try this : "" . It's on th AVSIM lib. Dietmar
  10. Hi om1994, GMAX is the tool to generate any kind of objects like signs, billboards, flags, any text etc. etc. in order to put it on any other FSX scenery object. If you download here from AVSIM the file "" you may get the idea on what is required to do what you are looking for. Take the package and try to mount a flag on a wall of your potential senery object just as a test. Your main issue will be to generate a sign, a text, a symbol etc. in GMAX. This you need to learn ! Not so difficult ! Best Dietmar
  11. Here you get a nice document: Dietmar
  12. Hi, may be this is a good source for the info you are looking for: A lot of people with Aibus know how and a lot of models too, where you could look into the air files. Dietmar
  13. I am currently testing my radar for boats traffic display which works fine so far. Boat targets, generated by the FSX engine are displayed correct. Addon boats traffic generated by FSX traffic tool and/or with the AIBTC tool are displayed as well correct. Here is my setup: 0: FSX, SP2, Windows XP 1: I generating a boat traffic bgl file for one ship ( e.g. carrier ) . I defined the coords for the route starting point, let's say location A somewhere in the sea. The second route coords for location B which is 100 miles away from location A . The ship travels with a speed of 25 miles, so it takes about 4 hours to travel from A to B. The boat traffic is being defined as FERRY. 2: I start FSX , select my test aircraft, move it in SLEW mode to location A, set the correct time and season on my FSX control bar, and the ship shows up. I see it in traffic explorer and on my radar also. 3: By moving the time 1 hour forward step by step, I can see the ship is on its way to location B . It moves with a speed of 25 kt as defined for the boats parameter. 4: This works perfect, whether I am generating the bgl file with the SDK traffic tool or with the AIBTC tool. 5: My sliders in FSX for ships and ferries is 100 %, for Leisure boats 0 %, for Airline traffic 50 %, for Airport Vehicles and Road Vehicles 0 % . Scenery complexity: Extrem. dense and Autogen density: Extrem. dense. 6: No converted FS9 traffic, nor any FS9 related traffic at all. Here is my problem: 7: I move my aircraft away let's say about 100 miles in distance from my boat route A to B , the ship disappears in traffic explorer and from my radar also. This looks OK for me. 8: If I now start a new flight 100 miles away from my boat route I will not see at start time my ship being on Waypoint mode or Sleep mode. OK for me too, because I am to far away from my boat route. 9: I take off with my aircraft and fly in the direction where my boat rout is ( I do not use SLEW mode ) . As soon as I coming close to location A or B , or even I am flying along the route, I expect to see the ship traveling from A to B, or from B to A . In Sleep mode at location A or B it will be shown. NOTHING shows up if the ship is on its way to A or B. Not in Traffic explorer and not on my radar. 10: If I am now go into my FSX screen control bar, and click on Time and Season and click OK, the ship will be displayed and I see it moving. ( I do not change the time, or the season. I just click OK ). This will apparently trigger the AI traffic engine in FSX and the traffic shows up. What I expect, is that FSX will show me the boat traffic as soon as I am in range of the ship, same as it happens for the air AI traffic. Any idea what may solve this problem ? Or, is that the way boats traffic works ? Any other settings in FSX, fsx.cfg ? Any other way to trigger the boats AI traffic ? The forums I searched already regarding this problem. However, could not find anything related to this issue. As a conclusion: How can be a boat scenery created, if a traffic does not show up at a certain time or must be triggered by an extra key-in ?. As an example: To define a route between London and New York seems to be impossible to do. You never would see the ship if you would follow the route with your aircraft. Any help, or idea is very much appreciated. Dietmar
  14. Hi Meshman, sorry, I take back my statement, that the AIBTC tool is faulty. It is just difficult to deal with, and FSX reacts somehow strange. I did a lot more testing and I want to share my findings with you. I tested for example this: If you define a 16 hours cycle within a 24 hours periode I can watch the traffic from A to B which takes the 16 hours. If the cycle ends at 15:59 I still see the ships in traffic explorer, on my boat radar and in the scenery. As soon as the time moves to 16:00 hour the ships go to SLEEP until the next cycle starts at 00:00. So far so good. The trouble is, as soon as the cycle ends at 16:00 the SLEEP phase starts on location A again.The ships do not stay and SLEEP on the current location B . However, the traffic explorer still show the ships as beeing in SLEEP mode at location B, even the ships have been disappeard in the scenery at location B. I would understand if location A and B are within a 20 miles radius to see the display in traffic explorer regardless if the ships are at location A or B. In my test A and B are about 400 miles apart, so traffic explorer does not show boat traffic on a distance of 400 miles. Now, If I just do a Date/Time restart the display in traffic explorer is correct again, means no display anymore at location B , but after a SLEW move to location A the display show up again. Another problem is, if you have lost the display in TE because of a large distance to your ships ( couple of 100 miles ) , in order to find them again, you must move your plane closer to 20 miles to the location where your ships currently are. Without a boat radar your chance is no good to find your ships again. So, as a conclusion: Boats traffic is a critical thing to deel with ! Best Dietmar
  15. Yes, as soon as the display in Traffic Explorer disappears, the ships will not be shown again. I try to generat e scenery with a moving carrier. I want to take off from the carrier, flying a mission and want to fly back to the carrier. As long as I am within aradius of about 80-90 miles and as long I as the carrier is displayed in TE I am OK. However, as soon as the Traffic Explorer has lost the carrier, he never will be re-initiated by the traffic scheduler. Again, this is different as if I am generating a boat traffic via the normal SDK compile procedure. I think I have now a schedule ( not generated by AIBTC ) which starts my carrier move always at a certain time. So, as far as I am concened, the problem is solved. Dietmar