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  1. Thank god for Mr, York and his button versions B) Looking forward to it. Golli
  2. >That was really cool! I'm trying to decide between FDC and>FS2Crew, and it's always nice to see some material.Hi there. I have not used FDC in over two years. That is about the time when I got my first FS2Crew.I find FDC to be to "robotic". Like someone is lecturing you, in stead of interacting with you. And FDC is not wery specific in SOP's.Golli.
  3. Good day gents/gals.Does anyone here have this newly released VOZ 1.5 (australian scenery)??And does it contain the major Intl. airports down under ?? I remember, some while (ca. year ago) back, looking at their website and exploring what they were doing and it looked fantastic. But they had everything BUT the major Intl. airports. Or did I manage to miss that :-(Golli.
  4. Posted by thread starter:>"I have FS2Crew also but understand that it is NOT compatible with Radar Contact."
  5. Hello Bryan :-)Get it!!I will not buy the FS2Crew A320 version then, but wait for a special A330/A340 version (via Simmarket).I just purchased the Wilco A330/A340 (via Simmarket, Boxed), so I will be familiar with the "Airbus philosophy" before your thing arrives.When you do release your FS2Crew for it, I hope you "shove it in their face"(Simmarket that is) so to speak, as we had to wait for months for the FS2Crew for the PMDG 747. I dont mean this in any negative or violent way, just get simmarket's attention :-jumpy :-yellow1 :-wave Thanks in advance.Golli.
  6. OH and one more thing.Do I buy the previous A320 FS2Crew for the A330/A340 (not planning on flying/buying the Wilco A320) will it be an addon to the addon, so to speak.Or will these changes you are making to the A320 Code/panel, be released as its own A330/A340 separate entity??Comprehensive ramble up there :-roll :-roll :-roll hope you get it though.Thanks again Mr. York.Golli.
  7. >"The A320 version of FS2Crew (Wilco-Feelthere) is currently being updated so it will work with the A340 CFM models."
  8. >MD-11 is a 2008 product - sorry guys, not happening in the>next 5 days lol.>>We are progressing very nicely with the alpha testing on it>though - >>>>"the VC looks amazing"<<<<.Aaarrghh the "the VC looks amazing" comment can only make us salivate more.>"MD-11 is a 2008 product"< I can live with that, I know I'm not getting a half-a$$' product if you take your time. But a couple of VC screenshots might put us out of our misery, right guys?? ;-)Golli.
  9. "if you bandwidth, get the download. faster gratification"Hi there.I dont have access to that amount of bandwidth, and I'm am a CD fanatic ;-)Golli.
  10. Good day JD.But the added voice-packs?? I remember a download link to some.Or am I getting old :-bla Golli.
  11. Good day.If I purchase the CD box of RC, does it contain all the (new) added voices and call signs?? I remember seeing (some weeks back), that there was a list of call signs that people were requesting, and you were "all over it" and delivering them for download. And some new voices to add to the controller-pilot-FO list. I can't for the life of me find these files and am hoping it is because they are in the new CD, am I right??Golli.
  12. >Level D are actually developing 757 themselves. Perhaps it's>best to wait, as if it's on the same level as their 767, then>it should be sheer brilliance. >>Regards, MikeI have no reservations regarding the quality of a LDS 757. However it has been 3 years in the making (and then some)??
  13. Does this place feel like a Spaghetti-Western or what!!??I have a feeling that the FSX development for the 757 has stopped:http://www.justflight.com/product.asp?pid=241#There it is, clearly indicating FS 2004 only. And this boxed release was not to happen until the FSX code had been completed. And the 777............we'll have to make do with her in the last SP3 state. She was allmost there.Sadly, it is the only thing I can make of this.I can only hope that some quality developer(like P##G)will jump on the 777.But I will buy this 757 Box and hope others will to, maybe we can resurect PSS. I'm Icelandic I just have to have an 757, its in our blood.Golli.
  14. How common are side step approaches in the real world anyway??Golli.
  15. Good day JD and thanks for your reply.>No embarrasing "turn-aways" on an IFR approach, because of>inaccurate info from the IFR SimPlates X charts (like>sometimes in the PSS 777).>"not sure what that means. but one thing that has been a plague since >the first fs add ons. when the real world airport adds or closes a >runway, and it's not reflected in the fs world, does it really >matter?>if a vor is added or decommissioned, or changed, and the change isn't >reflected in fs, does it matter? can navigate to a vor with a new >freq >of 123.45, when fs still has the vor's freq as 122.45"By "turn-away's" I mean: You have manged a successful flight and have been vectored all the way to final, selected the RWY in the cdu and all is well. Get clearence, push the LOC button and wham I'm thundering AWAY from the RWY. This has only happened to me in the PSS 777, and I have found out that the NAV radios were tuned to a different frequency. I really have no idea what database PSS get their numbers from, but I have never experienced this in my LDS 767, PMDG 747 or F1ATR72.But if I'm to get serious about my flying, I'm dropping the FS9 ATC (getting RC) and a plate package, such as the Dauntless one:http://www.dauntless-soft.com/PRODUCTS/SimPlates/But if I'm dialing those NAV radios myself, I better have the correct (FS9) database, right?? RC gets it's numbers from the FS database (or so I'm told in the RC manual). So I'm wandering if those Simplates use the same database?? Or, are they using real-world plates that may have some numbers, not in use by FS9.The Dauntless Software company has a horrible support mechanism, a form to fill out and get an email back with an reference number to your question. All rather slow. Anyway, I just thought that some RC users were using those Simplates, as they are not coming to market now, there is an older version in existance that I have never seen.Golli.
  16. Hi Gary and thanks again for your expert advice, and for making the FSX benchmark for the whole flightsim community.Well by hardware investment I mean the 27" screen also ;-) and I need to get a better video card (the FS9 PC is also an Video editing machine) and the XFX 1950GT(a fanless one) and AMD 5200+, perfect for upgrading my Pro Tools (secondary) machine. So, upgrading the flight PC, has a "domino effect" downwards :-)BTW Gary, I have noticed when people talk about those 8800GTS/GTX cards, that the picture quality has dramatically improoved. Is that your feeling also?? Only negative comments, I've seen on those cards relate to driver issues, but surely, after a year n-Vidia has resolved that?Golli.
  17. >I wonder myself - it's either that or a true 'Phoenix'>rebirth.>>regards,>MarkCould it be?? PSS going down?? Naahh..........cant be.Golli.
  18. Thanks for your input guys.So my switch from 2600mhz to 3200mhz ie. 23% increase in CPU power should go well against 5-10% reduction by going up in pixel count.I think I'll go ahead and invest in this hardware :9 Thanks again guys.Golli.
  19. Good day simmers.If I were to go down to 1680x1050, on a LCD screen with 1920x1200 as its native resolution, would I suffer much less picture quality?? I mean, is this "native" resolution on LCD spec sheets something that you dont mess with, in general?? Or just what the LCD is capable of??The reason I'm asking is: If my FS9 PC can not handle the output of 1920x1200, can I go back to 1680x1050 without some suffering. But if, my allready 1680x1050 capable machine, does not handle 1920x1200 well, then Plan-B would be to revert back to 1680x1050.The step up from 1680x1050 to 1920x1200 is 31%, but I figure that I'm not adding 31% to the CPU load, because of those background tasks that dont have anything to do with pushing pixels, like audio, calculating FDE's etc.As an aside question; how much CPU% is deticated to pushing pixels?? Has any FlightSimmer here, done any scientific comparing in that department? Like how many frames gained, after an CPU swapping, without swapping anything else?Lots of question marks in this post, I know, but I also know that there are many hardware specialists on this Forum ;-)Thanks in advance.BTW the plan is also to upgrade my AMD 5200+ CPU to an AMD 6400+, 2600mhz to 3200mhz. And add an XFX8800GTS 640mb Video card. And add an X-Fi outboard sound card. So #### her if she does not burn those 1920x1200 pixels :-bang Golli.
  20. Thanks for everything."I had more interaction back in Norman's day"Well.......there sure was a lot of interaction, back in those days but those days were HOT HEADED.I sure found PSS's forum support to become a lot more useful when Steven took over.But this sure aint an easy job.Take care Steven, and the best of luck :-)Golli.
  21. Good day.I just recently started having the exact same issue, twice to be specific. Both times in the PMDG747, but the first occasion happened over south England CTD and was instructed to run "disk cleanup" and ther were on 84kb of temporary internet files. The second time happened when I was just about to land on JFK 4R, wham it happened again.I have both Ultimate Terrain Europe and USA, so both of them are corrupt??I will follow this thread.Golli.
  22. Hi. I only get this issue when going to 16x (yes I dont have time for EDDF-KSFO etc. in real time).So I know what amount of fuel I was suposed to end up with, and I load that amount into her @ TOD.I normally never go beyond 8x, but sometimes my wife calls :-bang :-fume :-hang :-samurai :-bluegrab WOW finally a reason to use those smileys.Golli.
  23. Good day.Are you flying with accelerated sim rate like 16x? Golli.
  24. Good day simmers.I'm wandering if there are any here that use FsP with the PMDG 747??The reason why I ask is: the instructions that come with FsP for loading the plane with PAX and cargo are to completely empty the plane in the PMDG load utility and use the FsP one to load her!!??Does that not influence some bad behavior i.e. mess with the lovely flight dynamics that PMDG made??Secondly: Can some FsP sounds be unchecked like GPWS?? I'd rather use the PMDG ones, and only use FsP sounds that relate to the cabin, like music after landing, screaming and, F/A announcements etc. etc. And disable any sounds that might interfeere with FS2Crew.In short, are there any 747 flyers here that also use FS Passengers and FS2Crew, with good results??Golli.
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