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  1. BlueDiamond

    FSX SDK -- BGL Comp

    The SDK updates can be downloaded here.
  2. Kav, Try disabling one of your 8800's and see if there is a difference.I was running SLI but I seem to have better performance in FSX with only one card.That is a crazy high 3D mark score.I use 3dMark06 and my best score is 6500.But then again I only have an E6600,2GB Ram and a couple crappy old 7600GT video cards.Michael
  3. BlueDiamond

    moving in VC

    Ctrl Shift Enter - Move RightCtrl Shift Backspace - Move LeftMichael
  4. BlueDiamond

    RealAir FSX Spitfire!

    I hear ya.I check their site "several" times daily hoping for any news or screenshots.Now that SP2 is out maybe we'll see an update soon.I wonder if Bill is going to update the scenery that came with the FS9 version?Michael
  5. >Hi Ed. I bought the Accelerator the first day it was>available at Circuit City. I have the box, the CD and the>activation key. I did not pirate it like I am sure others have>done. There are all kinds of Torrent sites with it. When I saw>all of the posts stating what happened to existing aircraft>when it was installed I decided not to install it. I saw>nothing on the box that stated "Warning- This product might>cause damage to some existing installations". Best regards,>Bob. You should be complaining to the developers of those aircraft that are "damaged" and not blame MS.At least to the devs that are selling these aircraft as true FSX versions only to find out they are lame port overs that weren't built using the FSX SDK.Michael
  6. BlueDiamond

    747-400X Chapter 13

    C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XPMDG747400Operating ManualMichael
  7. BlueDiamond

    Victoria B.C for FSX!

    >Thanks,but where did Edwards AFB,Longleat(SP)?Berlin,Istanbul>and Reno come from?I don't think they were at the top before I>installed VicPlus.RonAll those scenery areas come with Acceleration.Michael
  8. Hi guys, Just wanted to jump in here and say that I have both the 400X and CJ1 and I am having no problems at all.I have been trying to duplicate Roberts problem but so far I have seen nothing out of the ordinary.I am running FSX SP2 with XP.Michael
  9. BlueDiamond

    options menu troubles

    Hey guys in the FSXPMDG747400Operatng Manual chapter 13 747_400F_Differences it states that the "400F uses newer technology flat panel displays,thus simplfying the otherwise complex maintenance requirements of the traditional CRT displays in use on most passenger configuration 747-400s".Michael
  10. BlueDiamond

    FMC and flightplans.

    Hi Kaue, After you get FSBuild setup shut it down then restart and see if this helps.I uninstalled and reinstalled it today and I would get the same error until after a shutdown/restart of FSBuild.Michael
  11. BlueDiamond

    FMC and flightplans.

    Hi Khurrum, I guess my first question is are you using XP or Vista?I'm running XP and the following steps are exactly how I've setup FSBuild on my system.1.Go to Export To and make sure PMDG 737/747(MSFS)has a check mark next to it.2.Click on Options and then click on Browse next to FS2004/FSX and set the path to Microsoft GamesFlight Simulator X.3.Next to Export_Directories click on Settings.Scroll down and under Export To put a check mark next to PMDG 737NG.4.Click the Save Config Options button and then click OK.5.Now shut down FSBuild.6.Restart FSBuild and hopefully you'll be able to export your plan ok.Michael
  12. BlueDiamond

    FMC and flightplans.

    Hi Kaue, Yes,FSBuild exports directly to PMDG/FlightPlans folder.It can be a bit frustrating getting it setup to do so but once you have it set to the correct path it becomes very easy to build flightplans.I assume you have put a check mark next to PMDG737/747(MSFS) at the top of the page under Export to.Next under where it says Folder Items click on Options and along the bottom you'll have the option to choose either Export_Directories,Settings,Nav Data and Load_Map_DB's.With Export_Directories selected set the path to FSX by clicking on the Browse Tab next to FS2004/FSX.You do not need to set the path to PMDGFlightPlans only to FSX.Now at the bottom again next to Export_Directories click on Settings.Scroll down and you'll see Export To in bold.Scroll down and put a check mark next to PMDG 737NG.This option works for the 400X.Now click on the big Save Config Options button and you should be all set to save your plans.Create a quick plan and it should say Created PMDG 737NG File C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XPMDGFlightPlansyour plan name will be here for example KJFKEGLL.rte.Now go into your PMDGFlightPlans folder and look for your new file.Hope this works for ya.Michael
  13. On some of my FS9 aircraft that I ported over to FSX I have had to go into the aircraft.cfg and change the normalized_starter_torque setting up from say 0.3 to 0.5 to get them to crank fast enough to start.Michael
  14. BlueDiamond

    Thank you PMDG!!

    I too am enjoying the 744X without problems.I've completed several flights of varying lengths and so far all has gone well.I'll attach a couple screenshots showing that indeed the cargo doors do open and yes there is cargo inside once they are opened.I'm duplicating UPS flight 2998 which is a scheduled flight from KSDF to PANC then returns to KSDF as flight 2997.Michael
  15. BlueDiamond

    FMC flightplans

    My understanding is that the flightplans are suppose to be there and were left out by mistake and will be included in an update along with other fixes.Michael