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  1. I am going to ask that you reach out to our support staff at: https://rexaxis.com. We will can assist you get things squared away.
  2. We have not officially released the Advaned Edition through the other stores yet. We are doing a graduated release. You can go to https://rexaxis.com and download the version.
  3. Please uninstall the product and delete the Documents/REX 7 folder. Reinstall the product, but DO NOT use the REX AXIS registration, use the standard registration process, this should resolve the issue.
  4. Please contact our support team at: https://rexaxis.com and we can get you the information you need.
  5. I recommend that if you are having issues that you reach out to our support team at: https://rexaxis.com
  6. We will be updating through ORBX, but we are still working with them to get things setup. Probably be ready in a few days at most.
  7. We will have it there shortly, but you should be able to get the update from previous version if you have it.
  8. Not yet, we are in the process of setting things up at the different stores.
  9. Please advise what build # you have installed? This would be located in the Settings window.
  10. Please reach out to our support team at https://rexaxis.com and we will be able to help you get things working.
  11. Yes we killed the birds, BUT we did give the option if you wanted to included them - LOL!!
  12. Please reach out to our support team at: https://rexaxis.com. We can make sure you get the update.
  13. Yes we will be releasing on Tuesday, it will later in the evening.
  14. Here you go... Show # 2 - Tonight at 9PM ET / 6PM PT https://discord.gg/rexsimulations?event=1141873804298174576 REX Simulation Discord https://discord.com/invite/rexsimulations
  15. Thank you everyone for your kind words. We have some great things planned for a future edition and finally historic weather!
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