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  1. Open REX AS and navigate to Automation. Either select the April month and select a week to install or schedule it to install automatically.
  2. Glad to hear things are working now. We recommend that you register at our program management tool at: https://rexaxis.com. This will help you make sure you have the latest and greatest. Also, when we release an update, each product has a built-in alert to make sure the user knows there is an update (like you stated). We usually wait 24 hours after we deliver the update to all the vendors before we initialize this alert.
  3. Built within Weather Force are smooth transitions for real-time weather as well as our dynamic weather presets. You have several settings within the program to choose from: - Persistent transitions, which changes the weather between updates over time. - Or it will transition weather during an update within the time frame that you select.
  4. It will not run. The computer must be on for it to run.
  5. Hello Everyone. I wanted to let all of you know that we recently updated AccuSeason to include an enhancement to one of our features, which has been asked for in this forum. This enhancement is related to the daily system task that runs on AccuSeason to make sure you have the latest season files. When this feature was originally released, the task would run at 12pm based on our system time. We have now included the ability for you to choose the hour in the day for the task to be run. Thank you all.
  6. I would like to clear up a misconception here in this post. REX does have control over the snow rendering within the simulator. However, it is a matter of finetuning our algorithm on our servers that determines when to show snow vs when to cause it to dissipate during flight. From a high-level view of the process, we look at the following to determine if snow should be rendered, not rendered, or dissipate if moving out of a region of snow. The easiest part is rendering snow if it is currently snowing at the aircraft's position at an airport. In this scenario we utilize the metar data. The hard part is rendering snow on the ground if it snowed in the past, but not currently snowing. This is where we are still finetuning our code. Metar data does not store this information, so we have to sort of guess based upon previous snow fall and average temperatures during a period of time. We are close to getting it right, but obviously we are not there yet. Thankfully, this is performed on the back end and is immediately passed to the customer once it is working properly.
  7. Our store software is a legacy system. We are in process of transitioning off. REX AXIS is there to help one manage their products into the future as we provide updates. Eventually it will be the central hub. We ask for patience as we work through this transition. We simplified the main interface to download with out the need of an account.
  8. Thank you for your support of REX over the years. To answer your question about using REX and the other product: You will need to remove the one before you use REX. That way there are no conflicts. To answer your question about the Add-on linker: I can't not answer this in that I have never used it nor have our testers.
  9. If you have a log folder and there are files located in it, please reach out to our support team. There is an issue with your setup of AccuSeason it seems. But we will need to know what the log files say.
  10. Doesn't take long at all. Just start it, select your preset and apply. Takes about a minute or less.
  11. Please try again. We had to do some load balancing on the servers. It should be working now. You can also access your download via our start page: https://rexaxis.com/public/start
  12. I tend to use the persistent load option with set to 5 minutes. That sim will transition weather during the flight and not just in intervals.
  13. We are working on the historic / archive weather as we speak. Once we release a major update in Technical Update 1.5, that will be next.
  14. The installer does the moving of the files, there are ALOT of files to move. We do not want to require customers to have to manually do this procedure. Again as @timest stated these changes are not required but recommended.
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