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  1. jdhaenens

    Static Aircraft Scenery

    I tried many things, but what finally worked was renaming all aircraft parts, and getting rid of the reflective texture tags, then exporting it as an ".x" file, then doing amanual compile with MAKEMDL....a real pain, but do-able.Jim
  2. I'm one of those folks that never really got into Gmax and purchased FSDS V2.X and now 3.0. I was looking at EZ Scenery as a simple method of building up the areas around my airports with buildings and other objects, but haven't purchased it for the reasons I've seen here: If you want anyone else to be able to use your scenery, they have to have the libraries installed. I've used Runway 12 before as well, and have the same problem with that.Since FSDS 3.0 came out, I've been able to export my objects as .mdl objects and place them with SceneGenX with relative ease. I use the building creation tool in SGX or FS9 native library objects to populate the outlying areas of the airport. The FS9 .mdl and associated placement xml should be the "New" .api in my opinion. The .mdl simply becomes part of the airport.bgl generated during the compilation process. Jim Dhaenens