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  1. OK just about to jump into the DX10 melee but have a question regarding which version of the "How to" document to use. I visitied this thread a short while back and downloaded the pdf. It shows "rev4 Sept 2012" on the first page. Upon revisiting this thread today, I noticed a new sticky pinned to the top of the forum dated 5th October. Am I correct in assuming that the pdf downloaded from that sticky today is a later more up to date version than the one I have already? Only it does not have any revision information. Many thanks in advance for the clarification and kind regards Stuart
  2. OK, general question.For FS9, which would be the best BGL decompiler to use for a APnnnnnn.bgl file?I want to extract some data (for my own personal use) for airfield approach and waypoints.As you who have read my other post will realise, I have done this recently and used newBGLAnalyze but sudddenly I am aware of there are other bgl decompile programs available.Stuart
  3. Many thanks to all those who responded for the help.Many thanks also to this forum and the search engine. Although
  4. >AFCAD2.21 can't delete stock navaids. This is stated in the>ReadMe.htm file.HiYep, understood that some time ago when I read the AFCAD2 file documentation.You can "exclude" airports (in whole or in part) as explained in the BGLComp documentation and as demonstrated by Luis.And in fact, if you "play" a little with AFCAD2 and AP.bgl files you can make certain deletion type changes within the AFCAD file that effect the "stock" ILS. But this seems to be a "quirk" rather than anything else.The problem seems to stem from the fact that I want to make changes to the use of Runways that was not anticipated in the original AP.bgl and so as a result all the "approach" elements do not align properly.Live and learn is what I say.And then work a little harder..............Stuart.
  5. HiI have some further comments, building on the information provided to me so far and what I have been able to glean from the web.Because of the way FS works or is structured, if I want to make changes to the way EGCC operates then I have to take into account both
  6. Hello LuisMany thanks for responding.Let me get back to square one via my back-up as mentioned in my previous post and then I will try as you suggest.One thing, which scenery folder do I put the new "exclude" Bgl? In the same scenery folder as the stock AP.bgl file?Stuart
  7. Hello ScottMany thanks for responding.This is getting more and more complicated the more I try to understand.In addition, when using AFCAD2 and opening the "MOD" airfield I notice that one of the ILS is positioned over a taxiway and not a runway.When I try to delete the "out of position" ILS I get the message "stock ILS cannot be deleted......"So something somewhere is not right and I think I need to re-install from my back-up before moving forward.After which I will try again and use some of your "tips".Will let you know how it goes.Stuart
  8. I have a particular problem.I have payware add-on for Manchester EGCC.The payware add-on includes an update for the airfield in the form of an AFCAD2 file.I also have Traffic 2005.The airport has two parallel runways 024R and 024L and 06R and 06L.I
  9. Hello RayI have used the Avsim forum to send you a private e-mail. Hope you get it.Stuart B
  10. HiI have cause to re-install all my software on a new drive following the crash of my old system.All is going well with my FS9 related installations until I try to re-install RC4.I am getting the registration page as I would expect but on entering my key (that I got the first time round) the registration page closes but RC4 does not start.When I try to open RC4 again I am presented with the registration page again. And so the cycle continues.What do I do now?Stuart B
  11. Thanks JD, done that now. But according to the main screen the version installed is 4.03737! Does this mean I have 4.1 when rounded up?
  12. Simple and stupid question I am sure but if I have just purchased and received the v4 CD, do I still need to download the update? There is a
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