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  1. So, to all those that have installed MSFS 2020, what does the file structure look like?
  2. What do you guys reckon on Acer https://www.acer.com/ac/en/IL/content/predator-series/predatorx38 Am contemplating Acer over this LG https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-38GL950G-B-gaming-monitor Or any other 3840 x 1600 38" curved monitor. Will be primarily used for P3Dv5 / MSFS2020 + PMDG A/Cs And for work - Word docs / Excel Spreadsheets / SAP (sucky apps) etc... Prefer Gsync based Monitors due to my rig (see sig)
  3. I believe the guide was created by PMDG head Rob Ainscough. Since PMDG has it's own separate forum out of Avsim....connect the dots pls.
  4. Can anyone assist? Please see note from FTG Management " Guys, Like Eric has already stated elsewhere money was not the issue. We have zero developers and zero people interested in developing, or have the time to devote to FTG. We paid for developers in the past, problem is they still require our time and guidance to get things done, and to find developers who know and understand aviation/FS is even more difficult. The only way FTG will rebuild is if we have a dedicated and talented team of developers/web designers who have the time to modernize and rebuild all our systems and sites. Cheers"
  5. While I don't delete the cfg file, I edit it and delete the [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA.....] prior to running P3D after a new driver update is done. This removes a lot of unexplained issues that sometimes occur when this step is not done.
  6. Same here. No camera addons or TrackIR
  7. Here is the Process that I followed for running MakeRunways on P3Dv4.3. Please let me know if I missed any step(s). 1. Download latest versions of both MakeRunways & Lorbi-SI Addon Organizer. 2. Copy Makerunways.exe into the Prepare3d v4 root folder. 2. Install Lorbi-SI Addon Organizer (let the program to instal in the default location) 3. Run the program, follow all the steps in item 3.9 - Creating a scenery.cfg for external tools. That's it!! Cheers, M
  8. On 3/28/2018 at 2:40 AM, K Wennerholm said: Hi! I always piloting my B744 v3 with my mobile phone, a Galaxy S8. Will it be possible in the B747-8 to take off and landing with my smart phone, as i do now or do I need some control unit, throttle, rudder pedals and flight stick? Scandinavian said You should really spend a some kroner to get proper hardware. I'm not sure why anyone would attempt to use a phone, and I'm pretty confused as to why someone would spend so much on the software, only to not spend anything on even the most basic hardware. On 5/13/2018 at 9:11 PM, K Wennerholm said: I can understand your confusion. Well it was ment as a joke. I use a GTX 1080 ti for my flight simulation. I have paid 3.950 Euro for my computer, flight stick, throttle and rudder pedals. Thank you for your concern. ≠================================= But u said using mobile phone was a joke.. Now I'm confused!!! Marz
  9. Agree. With P3dv4, I went off inspector and with no edits to cfg too and have never looked back. The performance is awesome.. Anyways back on topic.. no more 73=47v3 load ctd despite message text being enabled.
  10. With all items in "Miscellaneous text" disables it works for me, after every startup of P3D one item enables itself (Message text), but no errors loading the 747v3 in P3Dv4.2 what so ever. Even flew from OMDB to KJFK without a hitch. Have even installed the latest nVidia driver.. no probs at all.. Not using nVidia Inspector either and keeping the P3Dcfg vanilla...
  11. I just loaded P3Dv4.2 and checked "Message Text". It was enabled for me too BUT the QOTSII 747v3 loaded perfect ! no crash nothing.... Please try and load the 747v3 it should work even if Message Text is enabled.
  12. Hi, Try this: Open P3D. in the Startup menu, click on options then Information then disable all options for Miscellaneous Text. Load a default P3D aircraft - Make sure it fully loads and do a test flight. Then close P3D and make sure it doesn't crash. If all success then open P3D again, load PMDG 747v3 and do test flight. This should work. Cheers.
  13. Chris, Thanks for this, QOTSII loads first time without CTD in P3Dv4.2 as it previously always did unless loading it after initially loading a P3D default A/c. Cheers, Marz
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