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  1. Only bought the game pass for $1 and have suspended future debits. At this stage I will not be purchasing the sim. I might come back to it at the start of next year and see if things improve by then however will spend the next 3 weeks trying to enjoy what I can.
  2. This is a game with the worst camera system, key commands, joystick setup and mapping I have ever seen. The visuals are very good but even the default planes fly bad. The A320 FMS route distance didn't even change.
  3. Same here It downloaded at 30GB then completely froze. Then uninstalled the game and reinstalled now stuck at blue bar which is slowly moving.. No idea.. I just bought the games pass for $1 to try it.
  4. When is the 777-200 out? The one they promised in 2013?
  5. In other videos I have seen the jet bridge connect to AI aircraft. One even called for the pushback tug but was declined. No idea what happened after. You would expect AI planes to be able to be pushed back using the tug.
  6. I have all PMDG planes except the 737U. The DC6 is very good if you are into that sort of things. Honestly I only have less than 5 hours on it but I barely open P3D these days.
  7. There is a lot of Weath in India. Don't think everyone are living in slums. I have seen it first hand when I visited in 2009 very wealthy family by an ex friend in Mumbai. As another poster said, those who cannot afford flight sim would not even have a PC. There are a lot of Indian flight simmers and would have no problem paying the price. Lots of the younger generation have very wealthy family.
  8. OP sounds entitled. The simulator is just a base. I don't think I will expect PMDG 747-8 quality on the default 747.
  9. I deliberately held off buying P3DV5 full well knowing flight simulator 2020 would be out this year. Looking at the reviews of P3DV5 it still is not enough to convince me as I already have P3d V4.5 and didn't want to spend USD $60 for the new version when I could put that money on a totally brand new simulator.. not something which still has coding from 2006.
  10. Yes, I know the feeling recently I just struggle to open P3D and spending an hour planning a flight hoping somewhere along the track the PC doesn't lock up. I have been playing RDR2 which was exciting for about 3 weeks.. even that now feels like a chore! I stopped buying any new addon and will wait for this new sim.
  11. In a way, yes however looking at the screenshots of the airports I can't stop thinking it looks a bit cartoonish. Guess will have to see once its released. I have P3d V4 but don't really have motivation to fly these days as everything seems to take forever to load and I have a pretty high end PC. This one looks very good but will see once its released. A whole new flight sim will be nice not something which is still built from 2006 code.
  12. Thats what they said on their facebook page. YBBN V2 is currently under development and existing users will get a discount once released.
  13. Oh, I think it has been coming soon for years but Aus V2 was released some time ago. You can download it and see if it works. I bought YBBN just after it was released around 10 years ago but the frame rates are shocking so a new upgraded version will be nice. The 2nd runway only opened last weekend.
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