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  1. Consensus is that some of the latest nVidia drivers have a slow memory leak; I've seen 376.60 recommended for P3D atm.
  2. Keep going Paul, once you've learnt one FMC you've learn the basic principles of them all.
  3. To be fair I think they are; I don't think they're at all good at admitting when something is wrong. In the eyes of the FS community PMDG can do no wrong, even when they've dropped the ball as they have with this release. The problem is, PMDG believe their own hype.
  4. Hilarious. A thread that points out that the PMDG is blatantly wrong, presumably a bit of the FCOM they or their consultants (you know, all those type rated pilots) didn't get to because they're too busy making it look pretty. PMDG, shock the flight sim world and acknowledge that you made a mistake and are going to fix it in some point in the future.
  5. Tonight's update to 1.571 and the TrackIR option works beautifully. Thank you Keven.
  6. W, A, S, D, the most popular keys used for first person shooters and the like
  7. Hi Bob, I just set up keys in the control assignments (WASD and the arrow keys as it happens), go to your outside view and wonder around using the keys. Just be careful of any conflicts with the aircraft controls.
  8. I think a similar thing is happening to TrackIR as well. I pause it and it moves straight back to the default position.
  9. This works well using jimfr78's method of launching the various packages. I am having an issue with the Majestic Dash8 as the TrackIR axis is always being picked up by the Majestic control interface and therefore it's moving the flight controls as well. I don't have this issue with any other aircraft so I don't believe it's a problem with my setup. Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm running the latest version of the Pro.
  10. If you feel that's a valid analogy does it not fly in the face of your earlier statement? I appreciate you entering into this debate with me and not just deleting the post. On some things people will never agree and this is one of those things, life goes on. Let me be clear though, I won't be questioning the value proposition of the 747 when it comes along. Despite their perceived high cost, quality addon aircraft are excellent value for money when compared with say an airport, a round of golf or a night out. But then I already own PSX so I won't be buying it :wink:
  11. Agree. Disagree. And that's the issue. PMDG have chosen to paint P3D as a completely different platform as a justification for charging twice for their products. It just isn't. If it was it would have taken years to recode all the existing products for P3D. But it didn't. It's largely the same platform (especially in it's earlier variants) with different licensing. Therefore what PMDG are charging for when you buy products that were originally developed for FSX is not the tens of thousands of hours which undoubtedly went into the original development of these products, but ongoing support (which I agree has a cost) and, from the sounds of it, lawyers fees. We have a lot to thank PMDG for; it's fair to say they've single handedly change the nature of flight sim but I'm afraid trying to pass off P3D as a different technical platform is an insult to the intelligence of their customers. A brief scan of these forums shows that this is an issue that keeps coming up. PMDG could put this to bed now by being more honest with their customers about the reasons for their pricing policy and being open to more flexibility with their pricing a la FSL (who look like they've got it spot on imho).
  12. It'll be expensive but then you have to pay for quality; and the issue won't be as acute because those of us who have switched P3D won't be buying twice as we've been forced to in the past. My comments above refer more to the disconnect between PMDGs upgrade policy (by which I mean FSX - P3D) and other developers.
  13. You will find your transition from FSX to P3D relatively cheap, painless and certainly well worth it. Once you've bought P3D itself every developer bar one will give you free P3D versions of software you already own. It remains cheap as long as you don't want to fly PMDG stuff.
  14. Just flown a Twin Otter on a short flight and I agree with the statement that "It feels like AS6.5". Accurate winds on departure and lovely smooth transitions as well as some hairy turbulence.The mammoth efforts HiFi have put in are very much appreciated but does anybody else see the irony in this? The man who on one forum was arrogantly told to "retire" because of the new SimConnect age, has solved the problems for us.Regards,Dan.
  15. Hello DJ,I have this exact same problem. You're not using Vista-64 by any chance? That's what I've chalked my problems down to :(Regards,Dan.
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