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  1. Sorry to bump this again, but I have added approx. seven different aircraft to FSX, and none of them get added to XPax. If I delete the aircraft in the FSX folder in "C:Documents and Settingsuser nameApplication DataHiFiAirplanes" and restart XPax, it then does a full scan and the new aircraft are added at that point.Any ideas on what the problem might be.
  2. Hey Jim - we meet again :) (sim-outhouse forum)No I haven't sent Carl the aircraft.cfg files because I was thinking it was a more general issue with XPax, and not with individual aircraft.cfg files (that's what I get for thinking)But, I certainly can send them if need be. What I think I'll do first is add a few more aircraft to FSX and see how many, if any, get recognized by XPax. I noticed a similar problem/semi-solution to the XPax aircraft update database issue in "x-pax : Aircrafts performance data" thread.Anyway, as Carl mentioned in the other thread, it's Christmas and you guys need a break. This minor problem can certainly wait until after the holidays.Thanks again, Jim,
  3. Just wanted to bump this, as I also added a couple of a/c to FSX and they do not show up in XPax. I checked the XPax.cfg file and all is correct as far as I know. I have the hotfix installed as well.Was just wondering what the status on this issue is.BTW, is the FSXAppDataPath= supposed to have a value?Thanks guys!
  4. Maybe now we'll get some stability back in the world.I miss the good ol' days. :-bang
  5. >Man is that slick looking! One of the payware companies>should model a 787 for FSX. It would be quite a seller if it>was done right.>>LeeI know Abacus did one. Pretty simplistic from the reviews.
  6. This is the endBeautiful friendThis is the endMy only friend, the end . . . :D
  7. Hang in there . . . I think I was tweaking FS9 up to the point I got FSX. :D At least it keeps me busy. :-)
  8. >Hi,>>hmm I was wondering if anyone else also experiences this. >>As described above I have a new XPS 710 and only FSX & SP1>installed so far. (As well as latest Nvidia drivers). >>When I start in the VC and cycle through all the views and>back to VC I get what you can see on the screenshot. I do not>cycle very fast but it somehow seems that FSX looses its>memory = all the textures that have been loaded get lost>again. It starts to load them again rather quickly, after>10secs it is fine again...>>Funny thing is that on the Dell website they say that FSX is>the first game that is "XPS" certified...oh well :-)>>ChristianYup! Same thing here. Some times are worse than others.
  9. >cheers- well perhaps it was placebo here then ...?>Not necessarily. It may not have been an issue with the sound card, but at this point I'm not sure anyone has pinned this problem down yet, and any input helps. I seem to go back and forth with the blurries - last night they weren't so bad (still there though) and other times they're pretty noticeable.
  10. >mmm - here is an interesting one for you>>just recently my Audigy 4 Pro has been playing up - sometimes>it is recognised other times not ...>>anyway was getting fed up with it - so disabled it and used my>on-board sound instead (Intel HD)>>I'm sure the blurries are much much better now - ie almost>completely gone ...>>a coincidence or not ?>>I'm on Vista by the way>>Mark.Interesting indeed. I'm using the onboard SoundMAX Digital Audio and have never had an additional sound card installed on this PC (XP Pro), and definitely have a "bad case of the blurries." (sounds like the title of a blues song - :-) )But, good news for you, glad you got it fixed on your end.
  11. >I think this is precisely the kind of post that deserves>bandwidth. A thank you for receiving help is what will make>this site even more enjoyable and hospitable place. Cheers to>you for your courtesy. >>Thank YouDitto!
  12. My list is pretty short:1956 Cessna 172727-200737-200737-300DC-9The Cessna was my dad's. We once flew it cross country from 3AU to KTUS. He had to sell it in the 70's and here's what the next owner did with it:http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief2.asp?ev_id=...I00LA305&akey=1
  13. >good question.>>if we knew that, we would have a great start on understanding>and categorizing the issue. >>right now, its still in the "mystery" class.So this might not be the smartest question to ask from a technical standpoint - but would posting our machine specs help any? Maybe there's some correlation???ASUS P4C800-EIntel 3.2 GHz HT (stock)4GB Kingston DDR-SDRAM PC3200 (200 MHz)-[DDR-400] GeForce 7800 GS AGP (stock)XP pro SP2What else?*edit* Ok, after looking at the specs that were already posted in the thread, I'm not seeing any correlation - so it looks like I answered my own question, Sorry for wasting everyone's time.
  14. This is actually good news for me - as I thought it was just my single core machine that was the culprit and that I would just have to get use to it. It is some small solace to know I am not alone, and there might be a solution for this in the future.Misery loves company.
  15. http://www.snopes.com/humor/jokes/pilotdog.asp:)
  16. More info on this here:http://www.snopes.com/politics/gasoline/nogas.asp
  17. >The package does not fix the auto brakes, because some>functionality is built into the 3d model and cannot be fixed.>>>You can fix a gauge or you can add one in the 2d panel, but>you cannot add a gauge in the VC.>>AlexI thought you were correct about this and Scott is right as well - there is nothing about the autobrake being fixed in the readme for Alexander's fix. But then I got a idea - "Hey, why don't you start up the sim with the 737 panel and see if the autobrake switch works!!!" ( wow, am I a genius or what? :-lol ). Anyway, mine does work whereas before it did not. Now that is the switch works. I don't know if the autobrakes on the 737 actually work or not. Hmmm . . . I wonder if there was a way to find out . . . EUREKA! I can actually fly the plane and see if the autobrakes work or not! BRILLIANT! :-lol But wait, it gets better! I decided a smart thing to do would be to email this elusive Alexander and see what he had to say about this. Do you think that would be a good idea, ALEX, eh, ALEX? Too funny - I need to go back to bed.
  18. Scott,I can't remember just offhand if the autobrake was fixed in the zip file I referenced. I don't think it was. Post back with what you find out. For anyone else interested, do a search for Alexander Barthel and find the fixes he's uploaded for the default 737, CRJ and Learjet.
  19. For some reason, I don't think it exists. There is a fix from Alexander Barthel. Look for b737_gauge_fixes.zip. It lets you turn on the Nav lights with the Logo light switch.
  20. >i passed the error along to pete, who i believe is on>vacation for a while.>>jdThanks again, JD. That's twice now I've bugged you about a problem that turned out to be FSUIPC related. I think the next time I have an issue with RC, I'll pester Pete first. :) James
  21. JD, Dave,Just checking to see if this issue was resolved. I have the same problem with every airport I've flown into so far with RC4 in FSX. Tower reports winds calm on initial contact. After a "wind check" tower reports the correct winds. Tower does report the correct winds for all AI aircraft.James
  22. >JD, I'm using 4.06 fsuipc. I think that is the latest>version.Sorry for hijacking the thread, but For FSX, 4.07 is now available. :-)http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html
  23. Same problem here, and I've seen other posts regarding the same thing, so it seems pretty widespread among FSX users. Hopefully something MS will address with its patch(s)? Does anyone NOT have this problem, and if not what vid card and drivers are you using?
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