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  1. When in the configuration manager im trying to decrease the amount of preloaded fuel. The passanger load and cargo load stay at the setting I put them but whenever I load up the 767 and have a look at the FMC there is 161,000lbs of fuel loaded. I go back into the confi manager and my payloads are just as I have saved them except the fuel is back at 125,000lbs. In the 767 load sheet however, my fuel change has occured. Ive found nothing in the manuals about this. Can someone please help?
  2. I deleted the module but there are only 3 modules that the program needs to work. Im going to have to say it was probabley named dbs.cockpitwalk.dll because the other modules are DBS.WalkAndFallow.dll and dbs.util.dll. Just remeber its the Cockpitwalk one.
  3. So i re-installed FS just like I had in the past, through all my main components back in like Acitvesky, recorder module, Active Camera, and DBS Walk and fallow in that order and after I installed each one I i would load FS to see how it was doing. After installing DBS Walk and fallow the symptoms would immediately return and only go away when i removed that program. I searched here on the forums and found out that some people have had problems with with a certain walk and fallow module causing the problem I spoke of. Needless to say I deleted one of the modules that I never use out of that program and the problem appears to be solved. Again I thank you for all of your help. Its been greatly appreciated.
  4. Morning Mr.Takanawa. It's evening here in Californias Bay area.While taxing at Uk2000's Gatwick Extreme in the Aerosim L1011 VC, I was getting a steady 52-55 degrees celcius before the problem happend again.
  5. Should I start FS, put a load on it like active sky, addon aircraft, and addon scenery, pause and then look?
  6. So I downloaded the latest version of DirectX to 9.0c. I also downloaded the WHQL driver from Nvidia.My driver version is as fallows:MainDriver: nv4_disp.dllVersion: 6.14.0011.6371 (English)It says no problems are found.Could resolution have anything to do with this problem?
  7. Hey Wayupthere. Thanks for the reply. You helped me last time.1.) FS92.) Windows XP3.) How do I find the GPU Driver version? I installed the DirectX9.0 via the option on the Driver CD.I checked and there are error records but they do not say that they are GPU related.
  8. Awhile back I bought a NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT 256MB Video card to improve FPS. Now I get liquid smooth play with 100% AI, and just about every addon you can think of. The problem now though is one that has plagued many FS users without a solution. Anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 hours into a flight the toolbar disappears at the top and a black bar appears at the bottom of the screen. Hitting the ALT key ultimately freezes FS for awhile before i can finally exit it. This problem has basically rendered FS useless in my opinion. Now my question is is there anything I can do as far as hardware is concerned to fix this problem? I believe it is a hardware problem becuase while using add-on panels and virtual cockpits parts of the panels disappear. While panning through the various views the toolbar flickers to. I have re-installed my card and searched for updated drivers but there are none. Help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hello. Through process of elimination, Ive come to believe that the PMDG 747 is causing a problem I'd like to stop. I noticed that useing all of my other addons such as scenery, AI traffic, CLS aircraft etc, flight simulator is fine. I install the queen, and everything appears alright maybe for a couple of minutes or several hours and then suddenly my FS toolbar on top disappears and a black bar on the bottom of the screen, about a centimeter thick shows up. If I hit Alt or try and exit FS, it freezes. Any help would be appreciated. This problem has been going on for awhile and Id really like to be able to enjoy this fantastic product completely. Thanks. -Garin
  10. Hey everyone. With a new video card I can run Cloud 9's KLAX with 100% AI Traffic with just about every AI Package that serves LAX. I use AI Smooth to try and manage the traffic but.......at around 6:30 during rush hour, one plane lands about every 5 minutes. I look in the AI Smooth manager to see what the traffic is doing and about 30 planes are destined for 24R within a 30 nm radius. Meanwhile they all appear like fireflies over KLAX and the surrounding area. My question is , is there anyway that I can configure the AI with any programs to stack the AI aircraft behind eachother on final like in real life. 1 landing every 5 min is a little low imo. Or is this just impractical to run 100% AI Traffic in fs9? Thanks.
  11. Ah I knew I was forgetting something! Thanks for the great customer support. Works like a charm now.
  12. Hey guys. I reinstalled ASv6.5 after restoring my computer. I remeber I used to be able to turn on ASv6.5 and turn on flight simulator and go to for instance EDDF airport and within a minute or so real world weather from active sky would be activated. This is not the case this time. I even turned on "Online" mode but still no weather is being loaded from Active Sky into Flight simulator. Instead I get the Active Sky box in the bottom toolbar saying ASv6.5-FS Disconnect. Any help would be awsome. Thanks.
  13. Ive searched around and this one seems to be a favorite and has the best reviews.http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814150182Id just like to say thanks for all the help you've given me over the past couple of days. Really appreciate it :-)
  14. Im leaning torwards the http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814125028Which one would you personally choose? Lastly will I be able to install this myself with the directions or should I have a professional?
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