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  1. >I would like to see the the number of original buyers who>still use FSX. My hunch is that the number of current users>(including me) is around 12. :)>>Bob...Hi Bob... I'm sorry to hear that FSX is not up to your expectations.FSX is hear to stay. Coming into the FSX forum and taking cheap shots at it isn't going to make it go away. If FSX isn't your cup of tea fine, go back to FS9. FSX has been out for 4 months now, and still some people seem to have nothing better to do but continually bash FSX while adding nothing constructive to their comments. Please leave us -the ones who come to this foerum and enjoy FSX- alone and return to FS9, if you prefer it. It's high time after four months for the moderators here to step up to the plate and start warning/banning those who continually post the unconstructive cheap shots at FSX, It's really bringing this forum down.Regards,Mark
  2. One of the primary goals of SP1 is to improve preformance. The DX10 patch will improve graphics in FSX, but whether it will improve overall performance is open to debate.Regards,Mark
  3. Only ACES knows for sure, but my guess is we've got a 4-6 week wait still.Regards,Mark
  4. Mitch... I'm sorry to read that FSX is not meeting up to your expectations (I'm running it on a three year old P4 @3.5ghz and I'm very happy with it), but complaining about it here isn't going to change things. If you prefer FS9 thats wonderful for you. Most of us come here to exchange ideas and information to better the FSX community. Posting threads about how bad one thinks FSX is compared to FS9 isn't adding much to this forum. Why not just go back to FS9 and its forum and leave the rest of us here to enjoy and explore FSX.ThanksRegards,Mark
  5. First:Contray to some peoples beleifs, there are actually many of us who are quite happy with FSX on XP/Vista and are looking forward to MS SP1 and DX 10 update. For those who have given up on FSX your more than welcome to return to to FS9 and its forum.Second:Shouldn't this post be in the Hardware forum?Regards,Mark
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