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  1. Thanks, I did try at 20 and I still had slight stutters in turns, so I went back to 30. Again, if I'm passing over London it's usually on my way to somewhere else, so this isn't a problem for me. Dugald
  2. I've read the topics at Orbx. And yes, I admit I was surprised at some of his settings, but I decided to give them a try anyway. I found that they changed TE-GBS from an unusable mess into something that was smooth outside the London area, though for me it was still poor over London; and after dialling back the AA (to the setting that I had been using pre-TE-GBS) and locking the frame rate at 30 (I had it locked at 60 pre-TE-GBS), I find that the sim is very smooth apart from some small stutters in turns over the London area. Note that I haven't tried with anything other than GA aircraft, and I'd be very surprised indeed to get a decent experience with a Boeing or an Airbus, but that doesn't worry me, since I nearly always use GA aircraft anyway. Dugald
  3. Michael, I started off with exactly the settings recommended by JV, then later I made the following changes: 1. AA set to 4xMSAA instead of 4xSSAA (I think this was the first change I made; my aim was to get better frame rates and better smoothness over London, and it worked). 2. Frame rate locked at 30 instead of unlimited (again for better smoothness over London). 3. HDR Brightness set to 1.00 instead of 0.80 (because I preferred the appearance). 4. Cloud coverage density set to Max instead of High (because Active Sky kept nagging me). I don't think any of these changes would give improved sharpness of textures. I use a 4K TV set as my monitor, with the in-sim resolution set at 3840x2160x32. I use NOD32 antivirus, but it goes into gaming mode when I'm simming, and all the P3D and related files and folders are excluded from real-time file protection. My testing so far has been with the A2A C172, the JF Arrow III, and the Real Air Duke. I've had the Duke travelling at about 200 KIAS and about 1000 feet AGL, and the ground textures were still sharp. Sorry, I can't think of anything else that would have affected the results, but please let me know if you want me to check something. I hope you get the problem fixed, because I'm very pleased with the results I'm seeing now (apart from the floating buildings). Dugald
  4. With a 4 GHz processor, 16 Gb of memory, and an 8 Gb GTX1070 graphics card, I can maintain a smooth and steady 30 fps with John Venema's settings outside London, and reasonably smooth flight over London. I also found that John's settings eliminate the pus-coloured trees, which I had previously found quite disturbing. However, I do find that roads in many areas are too indistinct or too heavily masked by foliage to be usable as navigation aids, and I'm not happy with the levitating buildings that I've found in various places, e.g. at Dover harbour and on the Cornish coast a few miles south of Newquay (there's a whole village of floating buildings here, as well as two houses in the sea). Dugald PS: And I very rarely see any blurring with John's settings; textures are usually very sharp.
  5. Muklum

    FS Commander help required Please.

    FSC10 also works correctly in Win7-64. Dugald
  6. Muklum

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    That's not what the ad said. It said you REQUIRE one of the following products to USE KHAF. What's more, Froogle's reason for putting up this video is that in an earlier video in which he was actually recommending an ORBX airfield, he had incorrectly, because of the wording in ORBX's ad, told viewers that they needed such-and-such a region for this product to work. It seems reasonable to me that he's now letting his followers know that this was incorrect advice, so they can go ahead and buy this product even if they don't already have the REQUIRED region, and also letting them know how he (understandably in my opinion) came to get it wrong. I personally believe the advert was careless rather than shady, and that it quite probably cost ORBX a number of sales because prospective buyers took the wording in the advert to mean what it said. And by the way, like Froogle, I am enthusiastic user of ORBX products. Dugald
  7. But I got there first! Dugald
  8. Maybe he's trying to assign useful functions to his joystick buttons? He certainly didn't say anything about a panel. Have a look at Alan's post - he does offer a helpful suggestion. Edit: Senior moment. Please disregard - he did mention a panel! Dugald
  9. Muklum

    Holy smokes!

    Had a couple of hours' flying time in an area I know fairly well, and I'm very impressed. Two hourglass moments, but they were very brief (less than a second), and otherwise everything seems pretty smooth. Also tried it in VR, and again I like it so far. Have a look at the M25 at around 5 pm - it's not exactly a car park, but the road traffic is certainly very heavy. Dugald
  10. Muklum


    Colin, If you haven't found a fix for this Fatal Error, you might like to try the one that I've discovered purely by accident. After a re-install of Win10, FSX-SE, and everything else that I think I need, I found that I was still getting the Fatal Error with VoxATC at some airfields. On one occasion I didn't notice the Fatal Error message until I was in the act of hitting the transfer button after tuning the ATIS frequency. To my amazement, the Fatal Error message disappeared and VoxATC carried on working as if there had never been anything wrong. I've had the error message several times over the last few days, and it works every time - I just carry on as if nothing has happened. Dugald
  11. Cereproc voices are on offer at 50% off in their autumn sale. I think they're great for VoxATC. Dugald
  12. Jay, My Fatal Crash problem referred to in the other thread also seems to have been fixed at EGKA, so I'm hoping all is well now. By the way, I opened this new thread because I didn't want to hijack Colin's problem, as I now felt that mine was probably unrelated to his. Thanks again for your earlier suggestions. Dugald
  13. Uninstalling and re-installing both VoxATC and (using the Steam interface) FSX-SE failed to solve the problem, so I used IObit Uninstaller to perform a radical uninstall of VoxATC, FSX-SE , and Steam itself, including removal of registry entries and files that are left behind by a normal uninstall. After re-installation of all three, everything seems to be working as it should, so fingers crossed! Dugald
  14. Having had problems first with VoxATC in FSX-SE and then with FSX-SE itself, I re-installed FSX-SE (and checked that it runs OK) and then installed VoxATC into the fresh sim. The VoxATC installation and panel configuration steps appeared to proceed normally, but there is no VoxATC entry in the instrument panel. The VoxATC gauges are present in the gauges folder, and the aircraft's panel.cfg (default C172 for the present) seems OK, with the correct VoxATC entries. I tried running the VoxATC VFR flight to see if the prompt window would show up, but it didn't. I've tried googling the problem, and none of the proposed solutions worked for me. Any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks, Dugald