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  1. I've managed to start the installation (whether it will go to completion is anybody's guess at present) by opening the Xbox app and trying the install from there. At first I got a message saying "preparing" then I got an error message 0x00000001. On googling this error for Xbox I found a web page https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/help/errors/error-code-0x80073D26 and followed the instructions under "Still having problems". It turned out that the Digital Ownership wasn't installed, so I installed that, and .... so far so good (about 700 MB downloaded so far).
  2. I have the same problem, so I hope someone can offer us a solution.
  3. "Brakes" is the default setting for this button in Aerosoft's Yoke Input app for the Honeycomb yoke, so if you have the app installed, try disabling this setting.
  4. This has happened to me several (perhaps half a dozen) times, and not just since the last update. I haven't been able to find why it is happening, and the only way out appears to be Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  5. Chris, The links still don't work for me in Google Chrome, but they're OK in MS Edge. Dugald
  6. Michael, Sorry, but I can't help there. My simming is exclusively in GA aircraft, so I have no experience of NGX profiles, and because of a problem with desk space (temporary I hope), I haven't used the Saitek panels at all with MSFS2020.
  7. The telephone plug doesn't affect yoke response, nor response to the buttons on the yoke body. The only things that should be disabled by a loose plug are the buttons on the yoke.
  8. The OP did actually mention that his yoke is shown in Devices and Printers, and that it calibrates OK!
  9. Spad.next won't handle your yoke and rudder inputs unless you tell it to do so by selecting the controllers button on the side menu. So you can carry on using FSUIPC for your controllers, as I do. I can't remember whether online profiles can over-ride this button, but it's very easy to delete any action that you don't want.
  10. I don't know about Amazon US, but I frequently pre-order books from Amazon UK, and I've never been charged until the goods were dispatched. Nor have I been charged yet for my pre-order of the Bravo Throttle Quadrant, which was placed in June. And according to Amazon UK's pre-ordering help page: "For items with a future release date, the Amazon.co.uk price may change between the time of order and the date the item is dispatched. We don't charge you until we dispatch an item; therefore, when you pre-order selected books, CDs, videos, DVDs, pieces of software or video games, you'll be charged the lowest price offered by Amazon.co.uk between the time the order was placed and the item's release date."
  11. Since the latest update, MSFS2020 has refused to respond to the Esc key, so I can't change any settings once I've started a session. When I then close the sim, the Esc is inactive in all other situations, and the MSFS2020 icon is greyed out. Any attempt to start the sim results in an error message, and the only way to re-enable the Esc key and the sim icon is to shut down the PC and restart. As I've said before in this forum, there's a lot that I like in this sim, but only when I can get it to work. Add these new problems to the hassle with my Honeycomb yoke and the roundabout way of doing everything, and I'm afraid I'm giving up on MSFS2020 until they get their act together. I just don't have much simming time, and I refuse to waste any more of it.
  12. I'm using the Multi Panel and Spad.next with the Honeycomb yoke, the Logitech throttle quadrant, and the Saitek Cessna pedals, and everything on the Multi Panel works fine. I can't comment on the Radio Panel, since I don't use that.
  13. Even the update procedure is nonsense. Why do we have to go to the Microsoft Store and find that little "Pause" symbol, instead of just clicking on a button within the sim? If there's a really roundabout way of doing things, rest assured that the MSFS20020 developers will find it and use it. I love much of what I see in MSFS2020, but my simming time is limited, and I just hate wasting it while I wait for the sim to ask me if I really want to play now, and then if I'm ready to fly, or to tell me that I can't fly for the next few hours because of a mandatory update. Sorry, in addition to going to the Microsoft Store and then finding the little "Pause" symbol, you DO have to click on a button in the sim.
  14. Nor in FSX, nor in P3D, nor in Aerofly FS2, nor in Flyinside Flight Sim. So I agree, I think it's FS2020 that needs to fix this.
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