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  1. Well I'm glad that you were able to rule out it being a hardware issue. It does seem to be a perplexing issue that is affecting some users but not others. Hopefully you'll be able to track it down soon.
  2. Have you run a stress test on your hardware? It's easy enough to do and that way you can rule it out and move on the other possible solutions.
  3. Nothing useful? I disagree. It's pointing out the fact that there appears to be something else here at play apart from the SU being a direct cause of msfs crashes.
  4. As there are so many variables that can cause issues with MSFS the first thing I would do stress test your computer with appropriate software for a few hours to rule it out as being the cause. My system is similar to yours and I haven't had any issues with crashes.
  5. I don't think it is. I think it's safe to say that MS/Asobo reaches out to their weather provider when there is an issue.
  6. If you go into a grocery store to buy something but their debit machine is down because of a bank problem do you blame the grocery store for that?
  7. I can confirm there is a newer version. I purchased it through FT directly.
  8. Hi Jon I thought I was going to have to pay duty on it but surprisingly I didn't YMMV. However I did pay sales tax and the shipping cost to Canada was steep costing me $800CND. The platform comes unassembled in two boxes weighing a combined 70Kg. and was shipped from Poland. Hope this helps
  9. I've had the DOF Reality H3 motion platform now for a few months and use it in VR. The motion cues it provides greatly adds to the illusion of flight and for me was almost as big a step as going from flat screens to VR. The prices for these sorts of platforms has dropped dramatically over the last couple of years but it's still certainly not cheap. But the combination puts you as close to actually being in a cockpit as I think is possible.
  10. The site is getting hammered. I can't even get the product page to load Edit: Got in. Purchase and download went smoothly and was fast
  11. I very much like their CYYZ airport and I'm interested in seeing how this one turns out.
  12. Very mature comment, thanks so much for posting it.
  13. So you think that if the developers of BATC sold it, for lets say $30 that they would be only breaking even and not making any profit?
  14. So you believe that they would not be happy enough just making money off selling the product but would also add additional profit in marking up the price of the voices packages they offer?
  15. I'm curious as to what makes you believe it's an untrue statement?
  16. My update went smoothly and quickly, including 10 items that needed updating in Content Manager. However I preformed the update as soon as it was available. Seems the servers are getting hammered now causing issues.
  17. See further back in this thread. It's not available until this evening MTZ
  18. So then referring back to my first question you don't think Geforce experience itself has any issues with installing video drivers correctly?
  19. I assume you're suggesting that Gameforce Experience is not installing Nvidia drivers properly?
  20. I've always just used Geforce to install new drivers. It's never given me a problem
  21. Nothing personal but without seeing your actual quoted post any further discussion about it is being done in a vacuum. There is no way to determine how proper or improper it was.
  22. Would love to see a; Boeing 727 100/200 and a; Hawker Siddeley HS-121 Trident
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