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  1. I just looked but don't see a fenix folder under "programdata" or in the Microsoft sub folder. I have the store version. Perhaps it's located elsewhere?
  2. Thanks, but as I mentioned in my post I was able to do the license reset (link it to the new hardware)
  3. Hi Bob, Thanks for the suggestion but on Discord i(n their locked get support channel) they state to first access their knowledge base and then open I ticket. which I've done. Mark
  4. Hi folks, I'm hoping someone here may have some suggestions to get this plane working again for me. Everything was working fine with the plane until I performed a hardware upgrade (CPU, motherboard, and RAM). After the upgrade, and as expected The fenix app (fenix.exe) told me that my license was registered to other hardware. I went to the fenix site and had the license successfully transferred. But now when I try and use the plane all the display screens are black,no battery voltage is displayed on the overhead panel, and the battery switches don't work. on the EFB I get an orange triangle thats says no connection with the sim. then the regular numpad is displayed. When I press the fingerprint button I get the regular menu items for a split second then it goes back to the numpad screen. this process repeats itself. Here is what I've tried so far to fix the problem. I've updated/installed all of the latest intel drivers. I've installed the latest windows 11 updates. I've un/reinstalled the plane with windows antivirus disabled. I've tried disabling the firewall. I've run msfs and the fenix app. in admin mode. I have also gone in and added an exclusion in antivirus for both the msfs and fenix folders. I'm not using a VPN. The only thing worth noting is when in the cockpit I notice on the EFB if I restart the fenix app (in admin. mode) i get a msg box stating no connection to sim. A second later another msg states connection reestablished but when i close those messages nothing changes and the EFB goes back to doing the same thing. I submitted a ticket to fenix about this a few days ago but so far the two things they suggested (reinstall with antivirus disabled, and them questioning if I'm using a VPN) has not fixed the problem. I can't think of anything else to try but I'm hoping someone here may have a suggestion or two. Thanks in advance for any help. Mark
  5. I bought the H3 from DOF and have been using it for 5 days now in VR with my Reverb G2. The leap in realism is almost as big as going from using a monitor(s) to VR. I think it is as pretty much as close as being in an aircraft irl as you can get. Having said that there is no getting around that it is an expensive purchase. After buying a seat for it and paying 35% more with the exchange rate (I live in Canada), plus sales tax on top of that, the grand total was almost $5000 CND.... OUCH! But... when I fly now I genuinely feel like I'm actually airborne! The feeling is hard to describe and is beyond anything I've ever experienced before using a flight sim.
  6. I used to really enjoy using this too but since the price has now doubled to use the 24h history function I've stopped using it. It's perfect timing for this new addon !
  7. WOW !!! SU10 and a Fenix update today... Feels like Christmas.
  8. Ok... thanks... I think the latest update should be 1.27.20 ... I should know soon. It's updating now. Just thought it was odd that my first 'update' tonight was 1.26.5 even though I had 1.27.18 ? Anyways fingers crossed this update is correct
  9. I thought the current SU10 beta was up to 1.27 ... no? I'm in the Beta program
  10. Rebooted.... now have another update 1.8GB odd....
  11. I just 'upgraded' to 1.26.5 ?!?! something is not right. And yes, I doubled checked with xbox live and I'm still listed as being in the beta
  12. I used it yesterday with no issues. Haven't tried today.
  13. I won't either... I guess donations just weren't cutting it
  14. Yup, now that that there is a payware component this may get more attention from Google and we may lose it all together.
  15. This hobby just keeps getting more and more expensive....
  16. I have this same situation happen to me on most flights, but interestingly if I don't touch anything after 4-8 seconds everything returns to normal on its own. Mark
  17. Wow... I remember when GSX came out there was 2 pages of profiles on flightsim.to now there are 9. Great to see people sharing there work with others
  18. I just begrudgingly paid for another month (basic package) so I can at least have some real time traffic, even if I can't use the time offset. Having said that I will also be looking into alternatives. Sometimes it makes more financial sense to charge a bit less but get more customers. Anyways I will be watching if anything changes in pricing when my month is up. Mark
  19. During the work week I rarely fly as I don't have the time, but I enjoy getting several flights in over the weekend. I prefer short flights (1-1.5h)
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