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  1. I did reach out to him with this suggestion shortly after he made the change but it was rejected. My hope is that more people will reach out to him with this suggestion and that he will reconsider his decision.
  2. Just to throw in my 2 cents in here. I can understand the added expense of having to store 24h worth of extra data but we now have to pay twice as much as before to access it. Now granted you also get the weather maps, but as a MSFS user I don't need that, as weather maps are available free elsewhere (ie: simtools). I wish he a had a middle tear option, for maybe $12-15 /month. I do miss having the 24h traffic data but I can't justify paying twice as much to get it back. In the end of course it is up to Balthasar to set his own pricing. Mark
  3. Hi Kiek, Wow, that's great! I'm looking forward to giving it a try a little later today. And thank you for PSXT and all of your continued development with it Mark
  4. I'm happy with 30fps too but even with my decent computer (11700K @ 5.1Ghz, 3080Ti OC) my fps can drop into the low 20s during busy times at large airports. Mark
  5. Hi Nico and thanks for that clarification. There is currently a way to limit the number of aircraft PSXT displays at the gates. It would be great to have a way to set a cap on the number of 'active' aircraft as well. So, for instance once X number of aircraft are actively moving about don't inject anymore until some have parked or taken off. It would really help at the larger airports. Thanks, Mark
  6. Actually, the crux of his statement "Correlation is not necessarily cause." Is perfectly valid. Mark
  7. About an hour ago we got a new beta update. I got about a 25% increase in fps in 2d but in VR no fps increase. Can anyone else post their results here with it. Thanks. Mark
  8. Just ran a quick test at CYYZ active runway (FlyTampa) and saw a fps increase from 32 to 40 which is nicely appreciated. Unfortunately the frame jump doesn't seem to apply to VR, still have the same fps. Will need to do some more testing though. Mark
  9. As soon as I saw in the video's title... "That Nvidia does not want to give you" my click bait alarm went off. Youtubers are not doing themselves any favors but engaging in this deceptive behavior. It just belittles themselves in the long run. Mark
  10. That's great news! I'm hoping with the press release out today that the public release will follow tomorrow or Thursday... Fingers crossed
  11. I agree 100% about FSFO, and Matt the developer is very active on his forum helping people out. I bought the Fenix version but unfortunately it doesn't work with the SU 10 Beta (because of a WASM issue it). But he is working with Peter (FSUIPC) to get it working asap once SU 10 is released.
  12. I'm watching this closely. It says that it incorporates Simbrief. I'm curious to know then if it can program the EFB and MCDU. It's also nice to see that it can be accessed through the toolbar and used in VR which is most of my flying. Mark
  13. It seems the program only has partial support for the Fenix A320. Co-pilot can only set the comms. (can't set flaps, gear, spoilers?) There was another Fenix limitation I found too but can't recall it at the moment and their "Features" page is currently down. Mark Edit: Was able to get back onto the feature page. Here is the other pointed mentioned about the Fenix: The GPS flightplan for all supported third party aircraft can be generated automatically, but you have to load it via FMC. Not possible yet with the Fenix Airbus. But you may download the flightplan via SimBrief.
  14. Does the program work with the Fenix A320 using the current SU10 Beta?
  15. Thanks... I'm hoping it comes in cheaper than that. 50 Euros is like $75 CND, Ouch!
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