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  1. Thanks for the follow up Lou. When I get a chance I'll try out the fix. Mark
  2. I had the same problem earlier today and ended up buying it directly through Aerosoft. I didn't realize there was an option to turn off MP purchases? Please let us know how this works out for you. Mark
  3. I wouldn't be so quick to write it off. The developer is very active in his forum and is putting out constant updates to improve it. Mark
  4. I have an 11700K and tried a quick test last night at KJFK and KBOS. I had a drop of about 10fps at the gate. Fortunately I do very little flying in the US. Mark
  5. I did just that in the hopes of seeing it's continued development. It needs some work but it is a step in the right direction. Mark
  6. I leave Norton Anti-virus running, no issues. Mark
  7. Well this is disappointing. Another US update while may other parts of the world haven't had any yet. And not to blow my own horn here, but Canada which is the second largest country in the world (by land mass) hasn't had a single update yet. Mark
  8. I’m not experiencing this. Try emptying your community folder and try again with the same flight. Mark
  9. I rarely if ever do this and the plane loads up fine. I wonder if something has changed. Mark
  10. You can turn the cabin off through the EFB Mark
  11. Ah, ok thanks. Do you know if this applies to those holding a PPL or just commercial pilots? Mark
  12. Wow! Thanks for sharing that. I think when pilots reach a certain age they should be required to do a proficiency test every few years to keep both themselves and those they fly over safe.
  13. Listening to that was frankly quite alarming. I hope it was just a one off and that he was having a really bad day. So many read back errors and then two mistakes during what should have been a simple taxi to the active. Do controllers have the authority to cancel an IFR/VFR flight plan based on their concerns about a pilots competency? If so this is a prime example of when it should be done. Mark
  14. What did the PMDG Support Portal suggest? Mark
  15. That and the one about over 1000 people a day fly on planes
  16. OMG... your schedule is the same as mine!! I've also added -Eating (nope) -My funeral (postponed) -Change of underware (nada)
  17. Not to rag on anyone who wants to be as authentic to rl as possible when choosing a version to fly, no one is going to kick your door down and confiscate your computer if you decide to use a different variant to fly a route. Mark
  18. Thanks for the prompt reply and clarification. As mentioned, I did post a request (on SImforums) for access to the Beta and look forward to trying it out. Thanks again, Mark
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