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  1. My interest in Flight has diminished greatly since all these cockpitless warbirds started getting released. What good are warbirds that can't shoot (so not any good for combat) and have no cockpits (so worthless to me for civilian flying)? Is Flight a combat-free combat sim? Or a civilian aviation sim? It seems even the Flight development team aren't even sure what they're trying to make Flight into. If they can't keep the interest of those who already love flight sims/games, then how do they plan to keep the interest of new people who want to play through and beat a game in the shortest time possible, so they can move on to the next 'big thing '? I have not and will not buy any aircraft without a cockpit, and if next month is just another cockpitless warbird, then MS can forget about me purchasing Alaska, as I don't see Flight doing anything to keep me interested, and their half finished planes will not keep my interest, nor will they generate any income for Flight from me. I've tried to maintain a positive outlook for Flight, but MS is making it very hard for me to support Flight, let alone recommend it to others or purchasing any more add ons for it. Just my 2 cents.
  2. No ideas, but I've also noticed the same behavior myself since installing SP1. This did not happen prior to installing the service pack. Not sure what's causing it, but I do hope someone can tell us what's causing it, and either how to fix it, or that Aces figures it out and fixes it. I'm finding myself avoiding flying in seaplanes and amphibious planes (my favorites to fly), as water landings and takeoffs have become too unpredictable with the sporadic 'bouncing' out of the water, even at low speeds.-George
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