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  1. I hear you, but junctions are nothing new in Windows (been around since at least Win2k). As I said, I was just tossing that out as a suggestion, but I do use them, and they do work. As for reliability, I've been using them with Steam-based games for over a year now, and never had one 'break' or stop working for me. All my Steam games get properly updated through Steam, including the ones that have been moved and have junctions pointing to their new locations, so Steam still 'sees' the moved stuff as still being in the original locations. I'd agree that with most stuff, editing the fsx.cfg to point to the new location is the best and proper way to do it, however as you stated, with some PMDG stuff, that may not work too well, if at all. In that situation, a junction may be the solution so that the software would respect the 'hard paths' even if the data was moved to a different location. :)
  2. Could always use a directory junction. Then no paths need to be changed in cfg files or anywhere else. The junction is invisible to the software, and acts as if the data is located in its original location. Just a thought, as I personally use junctions with games installed through Steam, so the ones that see little to no benefit from being on the SSD are moved over to a mechanical drive, and junctions to the moved folders are placed in my steamapps folder.
  3. I would definitely welcome an instant replay feature. I use replay on FSX regularly, as I like to see my landings, so I would love the ability in Flight. It's not a deal-breaker for me if it isn't added, but at least to me, it would be a very nice addition. :)
  4. For me, I want a Beaver, a Twotter, a Stationair, and a Caravan. Along with the Carbon Cub (deluxe) that's on it's way, I'd say those aircraft would cover most of my Alaskan flying. :)
  5. If it adds nothing more than the cockpit, then I'd agree with Jeroen that around $5 would be 'the right price'. But if they do in fact include a float version, I'll gladly fork over $15. Realistically, I'm sure I'd pay the $15 even if it was just a cockpit upgrade, if for no other reason than to boost sales of aircraft with cockpits, in the hope that if it sells enough, the profits from basic aircraft pale in comparison, so that more aircraft will have pits in the future. I figure if I support them when they add features I want, then hopefully they'll continue to add features I want (like more planes with cockpits.) :)
  6. I just saw the pic on facebook. Definitely looks like the carbon cub cockpit. I'm excited and hopeful. Excited to get a new aircraft with a cockpit, and hopeful that the Deluxe Carbon Cub sells like gangbusters so that the Flight dev team sees that planes with cockpits will sell well, even if we already have a basic version of that aircraft for 'free' (if we purchased Alaska, which I did.) :) I'll be buying the deluxe carbon cub as soon as it's available. :)
  7. That was it, the "Temperate Climate" DLC was the name of the one that auto-downloaded for me. Thanks jcomm! :) I at least got the "T" part of the DLC name right LOL!! :D
  8. Luis, that's all I saw available in the marketplace. I downloaded them all, but once I started up Flight, it downloaded another required component. I don't remember the exact name, but it was something like "Tundra Wilderness LC" or very similar. So it seems that if you don't manually download the additional required components (but purchase the Alaska Wilderness Pack,) then the additional required components should be downloaded automatically in-game. I hope this helps. :)
  9. I don't tend to put things like simulators in the same category as traditional games. A traditional game typically has a beginning and an end, while simulators are not typically designed to have an ending. Simulators (in my opinion) are a hobby, and just like in any other hobby, if you like it, you invest in it. If you're in to RC cars for example, you would be investing money into new cars, engines, controllers, etc., and even if you were to turn around and sell it all, the ROI would still be in the negatives. Same goes for simulator-style games. We "invest" in the product, we "invest" in the add-ons, and we "invest" in controllers like yokes, pedals, and devices like TrackIR to get the most out of our hobby. Of course, if you enjoy it, then it's worthwhile to invest time and money into it, to increase your enjoyment (after all, isn't the point of a hobby to have fun doing something you enjoy?) So yes, when it comes to MS Flight (or any of the other simulators, simu-games I play), it is an investment. Where a movie or a traditional 'game' will give me X hours of enjoyment, and when I've reached the end, it's done and I'm done with it. Flight doesn't have an "ending", and the number of hours of enjoyment I get out of it only depends on how long *I* decide to use the product, which, as a hobby, is likely to be years from now. :) Just my 2 cents. :)
  10. This really made me laugh! Don't give them any ideas, because at those prices, all my passengers would be whining old men! LOL!! :D
  11. I'm really surprised at the price. I was honestly going to hold off after finding out that the Carbon Cub has no cockpit, but honestly, at $15, I would have bought Alaska without an aircraft being included (in fact, I think I would've preferred that *if* they had made the Carbon Cub a 'deluxe' plane.) So I bought Alaska, and will be keeping my fingers crossed that a good 'deluxe' bush plane becomes available soon.
  12. Hi remilton, Not sure if this will help or not, but I figured I'd throw this out there just in case it does help. I fly FSX using 2 pc's. 1 is my main flying machine, and the second runs a few of my saitek panels and FSWidgets GMap. My modem was recently changed out by my ISP, and the new one is also a router, so it has taken over DHCP duties. Now neither machine will keep an IP address unless I set them manually (which I really don't want to have to do.) Needless to say, anytime I boot my main pc (Host machine), the stuff attached to the client wouldn't function until I got the new IP from the host machine, then updated all the simconnect files on both machines. Anyhow, I found out that, at least when using IPv4 for the 'address' entry, I was able to use the name of the pc instead of an actual IP address. Since making this change, I no longer have problems with the client machine connecting. So on the host, in the simconnect.xml, the "<address>" for me is "George-PC", and on the client, in the simconnect.cfg file(s), the "address=" is also set to "George-PC". I'm not on my main pc right now, but the address field was the only thing I needed to change, so everything else was left to defaults, including IPv4. As long as none of your programs *require* IPv6, you may be able to just use IPv4 and the host computer's name to get your simconnect connecting again. Good luck, and I hope this is helpful in some way. -George
  13. Just wanted to report in that I tried this out yesterday and it worked great for me! Now if only a shader can be changed to prevent the transparent areas of fences and such from turning solid black from certain angles, then my 2 main issues with DX10 would be completely resolved! :) Thank you for figuring this out! -George
  14. My interest in Flight has diminished greatly since all these cockpitless warbirds started getting released. What good are warbirds that can't shoot (so not any good for combat) and have no cockpits (so worthless to me for civilian flying)? Is Flight a combat-free combat sim? Or a civilian aviation sim? It seems even the Flight development team aren't even sure what they're trying to make Flight into. If they can't keep the interest of those who already love flight sims/games, then how do they plan to keep the interest of new people who want to play through and beat a game in the shortest time possible, so they can move on to the next 'big thing '? I have not and will not buy any aircraft without a cockpit, and if next month is just another cockpitless warbird, then MS can forget about me purchasing Alaska, as I don't see Flight doing anything to keep me interested, and their half finished planes will not keep my interest, nor will they generate any income for Flight from me. I've tried to maintain a positive outlook for Flight, but MS is making it very hard for me to support Flight, let alone recommend it to others or purchasing any more add ons for it. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Great choice on the Maule! I've had a lot of fun flying it! :) Hopefully more planes with cockpits get sold than ones without, so that more aircraft with cockpits start making their way to us.
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