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  1. I love the QualityWings Avro RJ collection, they're going to add the 146 soon (if they haven't already, I haven't checked, I've been too busy with the Q400! :-P) and it's one heck of a plane. It's extremely fun to fly, the systems are just right if you're not that into having to take 30 minutes to start up, but not shallow enough so that it feels like there's no work involved. The FMC is actually really intuitive, and it flies pretty dang fast for the size of engines it has, but it DOES have four engines... The only thing, like a poster said before is that it's rarely, if ever used here in the states, although I understand it's much more common to see abroad, in some of the more obscure aviation communities, like Greece, Venezuela (I think?) and in some of the more popular ones like Great Britain and other European countries. If you've been wanting to force yourself to get into European flying and you haven't found the right opportunity, this plane is a great one to start with! As for the ERJ's, I enjoy them immensely, they are actually a challenge to fly, and to me, they are quite realistic. They have a pretty steril cockpit, which is pretty much like the real thing, and are often used in regional flights in the states by ExpressJet, Republic, and other regional airlines. As for the poster that cannot find the documentation, when you purchased the ERJ from the Mcphat site, it came with a PDF that includes a tutorial flight, flows, and all of that good stuff, I'm not sure if you must have missed it or something, but the documentation is there. I can send you the PDF if you'd like (if that's allowed..). Other than that, there's not much competition, other than maybe using the Airbus Extended from Aerosoft to substitute for some airbus regional routes.
  2. Sounds like you're trying to use too high of flaps, and having to use a lot of power to drag it in, and with the torque effect accurately depicted, it's yawing to the left from the propellers. As they suggested above, use less flap, higher speed (but not high enough that you're left in ground effect and float halfway through the runway before you touch down) and land the plane. It really is a difficult plane to land, it either has to get put down, or you get caught with a shortage of speed and power, and hit the ground pretty hard.
  3. Wow. That panel color looks really good! Is there any chance you could tell me how you changed it? I hate that white ugly color!
  4. I don't see anything wrong with 30/40 fps in those major cities, some people would love to have a steady 25! I personally don't see any difference going from 25 (which I have mine locked at) and 40
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