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  1. Don,If you can't get the files by download we can mail all the titles to you on a CD. That's no problem. Tell us if your address has changed.Your Internet connection somewhere between your local ISP and our server has a problem somewhere, and it is likely a problem neither one of us can diagnose. We are not hearing other reports like this on our end, so it is impossible to say where the problem is.Tim Dickenshttp://www.fsd-international.com/team/TD_forum_sig.gif
  2. Allcott,Proxy servers are often problemmatic when running installers. All that is needed is to send a polite message to us and we will be glad to assist you. I actually did try and contact you several times personally to attempt to help you throught the problem sfter you posted a similar message on our forum. Unfortunately, all mail that we send to you at the address that you registered on our forum with bounces back. See the notice we posted on our support forum several days ago telling you that your mail box is bouncing and asking you to contact us.We have been trying very hard to to assist you.Tim Dickenshttp://www.fsd-international.com/team/TD_forum_sig.gif
  3. We found a problem that can occurr on some computers and have built in a protection against it. If anyone is experiencing a problem please download the installer again and try it. If you experience any problem just send us a support message or post a message on our forum. We will be glad to assist you.Tim Dickenshttp://www.fsd-international.com/team/TD_forum_sig.gif
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