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  1. I got it too but just went to the Nvidia web site and downloaded the 22 June 2015 update and it works, apparently the July update is Beta .
  2. rmhoman

    US flight Attendant

    alright I hope I am not alone on this one but I have been using FS2crew 777 for a while now (since release) and I have a very difficult time listening to the US FA. It sounds like she is talking to a plane full of kindergartners. "followed by a snaaack" as well as her condescending tone for the movie and meal service. I have not flown on an American domestic carrier for years. please tell me this isn't how they talk to their passengers. I know that she put a lot of time and energy into her performance, but please can we get something different. It could be the script I don't know. I know that sometime criticism is difficult and you can take this with a grain of salt and throw it in the trash. But I wanted to put it out there. thanks.
  3. my bad I was going off the specifications and MS said "Home users will have updates from Windows Update automatically available." So I assumed (and you know what that makes) that the lowest setting for updates was download and let me chose what to install. That is pretty ***** for MS to do. They better step up their update quality control A LOT! if they think this is going to work. They also better have some excellent documentation ( something seriously lacking at Microsoft) telling users what the update actually does.
  4. rmhoman

    Windows 10 and FS9

    Please people install BETA software on a test computer! no guarantee that it will install everything back to its original state. The interface isn't that bad:
  5. If the option is available I would do a clean install. especially on 7. here is why: you have been using 7 for several years things get added and deleted registries get written and rewritten. Stuff get allocated to weird parts of the HD, adware and spyware slip through the cracks. The 50 drivers for that crappy webcam you uninstalled 6 months ago, are still taking up space. Do a clean install it will make your computer happy and it will make you happy.
  6. rmhoman

    Don't upgrade to Windows 10 yet.

    I think it has to do with removing some of the downfalls of 8 and better memory/CPU management. But I agree there are a couple of things that I am like okay that is nice but nothing to make me want to spend money or time upgrading just yet. I like it but if I weren't testing it would I care? probably not. However as someone getting a new computer I think I would go for 10 and not 7, and by all means if I were offered 8/8.1 I would shove the PC.... well you get the idea
  7. rmhoman

    WINDOWS 10 and what it mean for us.

    yeah, I am running 10159 and I think that was one of the fixes either by Nvidia or MS.
  8. for those of you still concerned about windows update. In Beta we have to install updates. Hey it is beta and they want to test everything and make sure we are on the same page. Came home last week and my 10 machine shut down and I had a new splash screen and login. Found out I got a new build. That is how things work. As for Home users, as far as I can tell the updates will automatically be downloaded but you don't have to install them right away. Pro and enterprise are used in business environments, most IT admin worth anything will install the update in a test environment first then deploy across the network, so they wanted to give that don't download flexibility back. Windows has always recommended setting updates to automatic and that scares the hell out of me. Computer lock outs, outlook failure etc. But as for downloading the update and letting me look at it and chose, is what I think Home users will have as their highest control. Instead of what we have now, "let me chose which updates to download". Hope this isn't too confusing.
  9. rmhoman

    Windows 10 compatibility

    I have been running 10 x64 since the original insider build and am now at build 10159. On my test machine I am running a 2-3 year old AMD processor 3200ghz with a SSD for the OS and a standard platter 1 TB for FSX, a GTX 650 video card and 16GB RAM. So not top of the line by any means. I own several PMDG, ORBX , A2A products as well as other scenery addons. I also have PFPX and fly on VATsim using vPilot. All of these things installed as if I were running windows 7. My hardware is Saitek proflight yoke and TrackIR. Both of those also run without a hitch. I have also tried X-plane and P3D on my system and can tell you I have not had any issues. Yes there was the Nvidia driver issue but they fixed it with in a day. The only one that I have been having issues with is Aivlasoft EFB. I tried it in Demo mode and it didn't work. ( I have not tried contacting their support since It was a demo) looks like a net framework issue but never pushed it. I have what seems like better memory management and windows 10 seems less bloated than the others but that could be user perception. We have to remember that this is still in beta and not complete, so hold off on the sky is falling posts. As far as I am concerned FSX is coming off of my 7 machine and on to my 10 permanently.
  10. hmm never thought of being able to do something like this. yeah I will give it a try. It is better than nothing. Thanks a bunch
  11. So, I don't have a set of rudder pedals. Just can't afford them right now. I do have A2A's 172 and have been using autorudder but want to get a little more control so I programmed buttons 6&7 on the yoke as my rudder buttons with auto center when released. I am wondering if there is anyway to slow the move back to center. Right now it slams back to center and is causing some issues.
  12. no I would say Tuesday. If they are going to let the testing team "percolate" then that is at least 24hrs, then one day to get the ducks in a row. So Tuesday is my earliest thought. I am not with the PMDG team so this is just speculation, but makes sense from a production manager point of view. When you get this close you don't want to rush and miss something that is glaring but beyond your sight.
  13. rmhoman

    Monstrous Headwinds!

    That explains why here in MT I have been seeing more planes in the sky than normal and at weird angles. Usually we see east west traffic but the last day or so a lot of NW SE. Must be diving down into the destinations. Makes sense.
  14. rmhoman

    777 Updates P3D on PMDG shop

    if someone buys it does it mean the rest of us get it for free?
  15. rmhoman

    PMDG 777 family and PFPX

    actually the real issue was that TOPCAT wouldn't give data if the temperature was less than -1C so not a pmdg issue with the config file. This is a huge bug (found my answer buried in the TOPCAT forum).