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  1. Please people install BETA software on a test computer! no guarantee that it will install everything back to its original state. The interface isn't that bad:
  2. yeah, I am running 10159 and I think that was one of the fixes either by Nvidia or MS.
  3. I have been running 10 x64 since the original insider build and am now at build 10159. On my test machine I am running a 2-3 year old AMD processor 3200ghz with a SSD for the OS and a standard platter 1 TB for FSX, a GTX 650 video card and 16GB RAM. So not top of the line by any means. I own several PMDG, ORBX , A2A products as well as other scenery addons. I also have PFPX and fly on VATsim using vPilot. All of these things installed as if I were running windows 7. My hardware is Saitek proflight yoke and TrackIR. Both of those also run without a hitch. I have also tried X-plane and P3D on my system and can tell you I have not had any issues. Yes there was the Nvidia driver issue but they fixed it with in a day. The only one that I have been having issues with is Aivlasoft EFB. I tried it in Demo mode and it didn't work. ( I have not tried contacting their support since It was a demo) looks like a net framework issue but never pushed it. I have what seems like better memory management and windows 10 seems less bloated than the others but that could be user perception. We have to remember that this is still in beta and not complete, so hold off on the sky is falling posts. As far as I am concerned FSX is coming off of my 7 machine and on to my 10 permanently.
  4. silly question did you click wxr on the efis?
  5. rmhoman


    Fun stuff sim related I have found
  6. sorry my terminology is off it is the PFD-ND display
  7. when I load load up FS9 in a PMDG 747 plane after about 30 seconds I lose my ECAIS displays any idea why this is happening. Looked through out the forum and can not find it.Thanks in advanceRussell
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