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  1. Have you added the scenery through your scenery library? I would think that should solve the problem. Ian
  2. Here, try this freeware from John Young/Justflight, it's for FSX but it will work. Not sure how well it blends with Orbx (I use photo scenery) but I can't imagine there'll be a problem. https://www.justflight.com/product/raf-coningsby-freeware-by-john-young-ukmil Ian
  3. Earth Simulations were working on higher resolution photo scenery and custom autogen, but they only released one small area in the far Northwest tip of Scotland before they had to close down. The idea was to sell quite small regions but it would have worked out very expensive to cover the whole of the UK and you would have needed a massive amount of hard drive space but it would have been spectacular. Such a shame Darren and Vicky had to give up on this project, but I believe "keeping the ship afloat" took it's toll on their health. Ian
  4. Paul, you need to install the latest versions of the Phantom (1.161007 released yesterday) for it to work. Download it via your sales e-mail. Ian
  5. When using the Shader Pack everything was great until I tried to fly in the U.K. I use the Horizon/Playsim photo scenery and JustFlight's Revolution X for autogen, but since installing the Shader Pack all my U.K autogen has disappeared, despite the relevant files still being in the photo scenery folders! Any suggestions will be appreciated. Ian
  6. Henrik, I would appreciate this if you don't mind taking the time to do it. Ian
  7. Thanks you so much Henrik, this is very much appreciated and probably one of the best things to happen to FS in recent years. Although I have most of your packeges, I'll be downloading the "full" packege because I'm one of those people who likes to perform a re-install periodically. You deserve the gratitude of the entire flight sim comunity for all your work. Thanks again, Ian
  8. Many thanks Henrik, I'll eagerly (and patiently) await you new babies! Ian
  9. Yes, thanks Henrik the new wakes look great. Regards, Ian
  10. Can anyone advise me, I've got all those fantastic ships working in P3D v3.2, but all the wakes are vertical. I've used the ship wakes for P3D v2.5 as I assumed those would work for the latest version of the sim. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ian
  11. Darren and Vicky were very nice people (I hope they still are!) but I know they suffered for their art, with both of them having illnesses at one time or another, probably brought on by the stress of keeping Earthsimulations going. Much missed. Ian
  12. Webranger, I found that without bathymetry turned on I didn't get any wakes at all. You could try running the repair option on the Prepar3D installer. Ian
  13. I discovered what the problem was, I didn't have Bathymetry turned on. That fixed it. Regards, Ian
  14. Does everyone else get the wake effects in P3Dv3? I have the updated wake package for v2 installed, but I'm not getting any wakes. Ian
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