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    13JUL13 - Nifty little feature in the 777...

    If only the same could be said about our poor old friend, the MD-11.
  2. Ephemeral

    PMDG 777 PILOT banner

    Nah I'm pretty sure they'd still take a cool $165 million. In fact, they haven't even taken the page down, it's still where it has always been: http://www.precisionmanuals.com/ProductCart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=99&idcategory=15
  3. That would be an ideal solution. In the mean time I set the "approach minimums" for my Minimums call... it's not ideal because it doesn't sound before reaching minimums, but it still alters/updates the atmosphere.
  4. Indeed I believe it is. I hear it used in almost every 744 landing video. If it is indeed as prevalent as in my experience it seems odd that it was not initially included.
  5. Just curious, why did you guys omit "approaching mins" from the initial release?
  6. Ephemeral

    Estimate cost of FSX-747

    I would probably add like 80 USD on there.
  7. Ephemeral

    Classic United for FSX

    Much better! I bet your having fun taunting us all :(
  8. Ephemeral

    Classic United for FSX

    I feel like your blue is a little bit too light? Could just be me though.Sam.