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  1. I'm going to give FSUIPC a try. My throttles were calibrated using TM. It doesn't start in the correct location (too high). I'll use FSUIPC hopefully to get it closer to where it needs to be (before reverse thruster). Thank you for the advice. Mike
  2. Thank you for the additional suggestion. I tried what you recommended and the throttles still don't move. I got the reverse thrusters to work, but I can't advance them. I made sure for the joystick in settings/controls/control axes, I deleted the joystick entry for throttle axis and made sure the throttle axis were activated in Airbus TCA throttle. Mike
  3. Thank you for the recommendations. I'll try deleting all the FSX current button assignments for the TCA throttle and reassign the buttons. I've installed the current drivers from TM. Mike
  4. Has anyone tried getting Thrustmaster quadrant airbus edition working in FSX? I've been trying for a week now with no luck. The controls (buttons) do everything but what I'm trying to get it to do. For example, the throttles don't throttle. Somewhere along the advancement of the throttles I end up in the external view mode. I even tried programing the buttons in the FSX/Settings/Controls and still no luck. If you have gotten this to work, can you please share with me what you did? I'm using it along side the Airbus Joystick. I contacted Thrustmaster support and they directed me to look on-line (YouTube). That wasn't a lot of help lol. I'll keep researching on-line until I figure it out. Thank you, Mike
  5. I've been trying to fly all day and finally gave up and just uninstalled it from my system. I was fortunate this morning and had no problems downloading and playing. I did notice it took a few minutes to load. My main issue is with the game button programming. In my opinion, very different from FS2004, FSX, and P3D. I'm not a fan of trying to control the joystick with one hand and using my other-hand to control the mouse so I scan the gauges. I'm use to using the POV hat-switch on my joystick to scroll around. I've tried reprograming the buttons but it's not the same. The eye candy is phenomenal! Definitely a new level of flight simulator. I'm not bashing this new sim. You can tell a lot of work went into creating it. This is my only complaint. Maybe someday I'll reload it and try again. Mike Franks
  6. I do have the appropriate area activated. Last night I noticed on the Scenery.cfg file it contained "D:\Flight Simulator 9\addon scenery\" in the line for VTBS. The other addon sceneries didn't include "D:\Flight Simulator 9\" in the address line. Those sceneries had "Addon Scenery\(Scenery Name)". I removed it, but it made no difference. I only mentioned the greyed out boxes in the AFCAD Airport Properties because the sceneries that show up in the Airport ID display are greyed out (however the text is still visiable). The one that's not greyed out is the AFCAD for VTBS. I wondered if the greyed out meant it's saved properly? Very puzzling. Mike
  7. Thanks for the comments and ideas. I did redownload the scenery from Simmarket and installed it. It came with an update that I installed. The comment from Dijvid got my attention. I did checkout the AFCAD using ADE1.65 and noted when I checked out airport properties, the text boxes were white but had the proper texts in it. Using ADE 1.65 to look at some of my other scenery AFCADs, I noted those text boxes were greyed out. I wonder if this could be the problem? If so, how do I get the boxes to grey out? Thanks, Mike
  8. Has anyone experienced installed scenery not showing when searching the "Airport ID" from the main menu, but when flying it's active in the game? I installed A_A Sceneries Bangkok Airport Vol 1, Suvarnabhumi International, and activated it via internet as directed. At the main page, when I access the "selected location" and type VTBS into the "Airport ID" it doesn't show up. However, I can fly to VTBS and the scenery is there. I can land at the airport and slew around looking at the terminals and AI Aircraft parked, taking off, and landing. While parked, I even tried searching via "Go to Airport" and it still doesn't show up. I've never experienced this before. So far, I have tried and had no success: 1. Uninstalled and reinstalled the scenery several times. 2. Added the scenery manually. 3. Ran "MakeRwys". VTBS shows in the "Runways.txt" document. 4. Deactivated all my add-on sceneries except for VTBS. 5. Moved VTBS to the top. 6. Ran Flight1 RegistryFix. 7. Deleted Scenery.dat file. 8. Ensured the Licence file for the scenery was present. 9. Contacted A_A Sceneries 10. and even RTFM. Has anyone experienced this issue before? If so, what did you do to fix it? I'm not having this problem with my other scenery. Thanks, Mike Franks
  9. Wow!!! I went to the website Dumont referenced above and used their calculator to figure out my affinity mask and it made a big difference. I never understood AM, and still don't, but I plugged in their recommedation to my FSX Config file and my frame rates shot up. For example, flying over UK2000's Heathrow in the default ultralight, with default weather, my frame rates were 25-77 depending on location. Normally, it's between 13-25 and sluggish. I think I'll keep this link and recommendation. Thanks for the tip! Mike
  10. ImagineSim's products aren't bad, but I think they're asking too much. There's other designers who give you a lot more detail and quality for your money. I'm glad we have the freedom to choose. Mike
  11. No doubt, this is going to get fun. I wonder how many red boxes he has to deal with in his sceneries? Mike
  12. It's disappointing they don't honor the agreements the company made under previous ownership. I'm sure they have no obligation to do so. I'll never use them again. They got my money once. As previously pointed out in the post, the best we can do is post our views and hope others read it. Mike
  13. I just bought it. Too good to pass up. Mike
  14. I don't know if Justin is still part of FSGenesis, but the owners should still honor the previous purchases. We did buy them. It's not like they're a new product. If you have a "lifetime membership", then you have a "lifetime membership"! That needs to be honored! Mike
  15. Good to see I'm not alone here. I too spent lots of money buying Justin's product when he was pleading for financial support or he would immediately go out of business. I see how he repays us...refuses to honor his previous commitments. Hopefully others will learn from us in this thread and not fall for Justin's business practice. Disappointing! Mike
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