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  1. Motormike


    When do you implement a offline mode? We dont need a statement, we need something so we can use it, also if your servers are down
  2. I think Flightsim is very uninteressting for hackers nowadays. At the beginning of FSX there was a lot pirated software around, nowadays nearly nothing
  3. I know ;) Just a hint how Software should always function
  4. Reinstalled EZDOK now and it works fine.
  5. And now we can't use it because no connection.
  6. Motormike


    offensive initials not allowed, it can't be we pay for something and can't use it always. There must be a possibilitie to use it also offline. I have no views now.
  7. Motormike

    P3d v4 4k 30hz monitor quetions

    First go to an airport which gives the worst framerates. Adjust your setting, so that you have there 30+ FPS, afrter this try again with VSync and Triple and unlimited frames the 30 Hz. This should be easy with your system. I do this with same cpu at 4.4Ghz and a 1070.
  8. No problems here, but i have 650 in Connie
  9. Motormike

    Flight 1 GTN 750 & GTN 650 released!

    No, just put the same into both. I do the planmost times extern and load it up in both
  10. Motormike

    Flight 1 GTN 750 & GTN 650 released!

    Never had problems with this system
  11. Also Zero issues and it is a great addon. One of thebest GA on market. I think you messed up your install due something else.
  12. Reinstalled it on other location, now it seems to tun
  13. 2.52 It fails every time i restart, each time i reinstalled it it functions one time. I am ######. At the versions before (not ur activation server it functions til the server break). Now with ur system just trouble.
  14. And again it is not working...that was not as bad as it is now while it was for free...yesterday i installed new one and activated. Today activation failed