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  1. Yes, some of them have now V5 patches in Simmmarket, not all but generally they work, but some have optical flaws. They work on it
  2. Full Screen solved all problems for me
  3. Also with 11GB are u really fast OOM, just load a A2A C182 and sliders over middle, one addon airport and ciao ...
  4. Download not possible Thanks in Advance
  5. I use a XBOX controller (Logitech), same function as my Futaba + additional Saitek Throttle Levers, saves Space on the desk...
  6. AS = Aces Studio is more plausible than Aerosoft
  7. Over a few seconds extrem stutters and hang each time it clears the RAM, i saw no improvement in frames
  8. Same case here, it was the FSLabs and the Maddog, after Updating all fine now
  9. I activate it and get PTA Activation succesful. Then i apply a preset and get Error: Activation required
  10. When do you implement a offline mode? We dont need a statement, we need something so we can use it, also if your servers are down
  11. I think Flightsim is very uninteressting for hackers nowadays. At the beginning of FSX there was a lot pirated software around, nowadays nearly nothing
  12. I know ;) Just a hint how Software should always function
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