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  1. jmiked

    VfrFlight - new free VFR flight planner

    Is it possible to import data files (airports, ndb, etc) from FSX/P3D and X=Plane 10/11? I've been trying for several days and it won't do any of those. I have some custom entries I'd like to use.
  2. jmiked

    iOS vs. Android FS Apps

    There are a number of flight apps for Android that are quite good. I made the switch from the Apple ecosystem to Android almost two years ago, and haven't lacked for apps to do whatever I need to do. You can browse the Google Play Store to take a look at what is available. I've found apps here to be of variable quality in user-interface, but I've always been able to find something that meets my needs, although sometimes not quite as elegant in appearance as the IOS version. There are E6B, UTC, and VFR chart apps. There are several NGX -specific apps on Android: FS2Crew Flight Crew Sim and Flight Crew Assistant.
  3. jmiked

    Flight 1 Citation Mustang

    To be fair, I just went and loaded the Mustang up, and it did not display the problem at that time. Possible a change to the Invidia driver was responsible for this, maybe just the randomness of the universe. I added this note because I couldn't find a way to edit my previous message.
  4. jmiked

    Flight 1 Citation Mustang

    It's a nice aircraft. I've been flying it for some time and the only problems I've had with it have been some switches that go graphically wonky with toggled. The problem surfaced with the last four or five updates of the Invidia drivers. Flight1 has not addressed the problem so far. The database for the G1000 has some airfields that FSX doesn't have. I've arrived several times at airfields only to find that they weren't there.
  5. On second look, that doesn't appear to be what is going on, but I can’t explain why cut and paste from the first email doesn't work and the one from the second does work.Largely academic at this point as the program now loads, but I can’t get the cntrl-shift-M function to work under Win7, which is largely why I wanted to use RC.
  6. I got it running last night. The problem seems to be with the instructions included with the package. If you register by generating your own email, the doc file says to enter the information in the format:nnnnnnnnn ! Firstname ! LastnameHowever, if you enter the information this way, you will not get the correct key. It needs to be entered in the format:nnnnnnnnn!Firstname!Lastnamewhich will give a valid (and quite different) key. Note the lack of spaces on either side of the exclamation point in the second example. I'm sure the automatically generated email has the correct format.Mike
  7. I'm having the same problem. I did a fresh install last week of RC on my D: partition of my Win7 machine (where all my flight sim stuff is), sent the product ID number generated by the installer to the email address, received the code number back, pasted it in the Key Number box, and the installer then quit. When I re-ran the program, it asked for the validation key all over again. I've checked and re-checked these numbers, and they are correct. I'm running the latest registered versions of FSUIPC.I'm running as admin. I have no clue as to what to try in order to fix this. I've installed RC on my previous machines with no problem.Mike
  8. jmiked

    Carenado Mooney - odd thing

    >It is an old problem that only shows up on some panels and>there is a solution if you own the payware version of FSUIPC. >Look for a chack box label something like "Fix Control>Acceleration" or words similar to that. Put a tick mark there>and all is well. R-I'm gonna have to give that a try...... it happens to the FS9 Dreamfleet Baron most of the times I load it. Many times I run it in FSX, so I had put it down to an incompatibility with FSX.Thanks for the hint.Mike
  9. jmiked

    can you live without the VC?

    "can you live without the VC?"Yes. I don't feel strongly either way. Sometimes I use one, sometimes the other. Maybe I have a short attention span, but I like variety. I switch aircraft a lot, also.
  10. jmiked

    XP Home vs XP Professional

    Point taken. I still have multi-processor machines running here, so that difference had gotten buried in my subconscious somewhere. Thanks for reminding me.
  11. jmiked

    XP Home vs XP Professional

    Bear in mind that XP Home doesn't have multiple-processor support. This doesn't directly influence FS9, but it might be of value if you have background processes running (and Windows always does).
  12. jmiked

    A Positive on SP2

    >Ever hear of the term SILENT MAJORITY? Guess not eh.>>Did I post in this positive thread? No?? Well, I have now. >SP2 = all positive for me. Heck it even FIXED one of my>add-on planes.>>Rhett>I had the same experience. I installed SP2 this afternoon and it runs just fine. My favorite FS9 freeware plane now has textures for the wheels, and a pilot and copilot. It may have even bumped up the frame rate a tad.Now if Dreamfleet would offer an FSX Baron 58, life would be good. At least for a while.
  13. jmiked

    FSD Avanti

    Does the FSD model have the same engine start problems that the freeware model does? If not, then I'll probably purchase it.I tried the Abacus one, but I couldn't get it installed (after three days of trying and several emails).
  14. Vikingair:I have one turboprop aircraft (a Beech Starship) that just won't keep the taxi speed down, even with the condition lever adjusted down. I finally had to install Rob Berendregt's ground handling gauges to control the speed, otherwise the taxi speed could get up to 80 knots.You might give it a try if all else fails. The file is I don't remember if it's here in the library files or if I got it somewhere else.