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  1. This looks excellent, but short of spending some hours to try to understand Vim and opening/editing binary files, I might have to just dream about this better yoke arrangement Any tips will be gratefully received, digested, attempted ... and might even result in some measure of success.
  2. 10 years ago, or whenever it was that FSX took the world by storm, it's simplistic ATC audio could be directed to a secondary audio device. I fail to understand how 10 years on it is no longer possible apart from buying a 2nd computer. I know, I have a very simplistic understanding of the inner machinations of a pc...
  3. Dave, Thanks for the prompt reply. I don't imagine for a minute that it would only be a few lines of code. But then neither is what you have already developed, so perhaps a future P2A will talk to the AI. Is 'talking' to the AI possibly a few less lines of code than 'controlling' it? :wink:
  4. It's those last four words that get me interested as the lack of interaction with AI traffic is the ONE thing that is making me hesitate to buy into P2A. So is that just a throwaway statement, or is there a short- or medium-term plan to add full AI ATC?
  5. NOT where the Cessna 441 is concerned, which this thread is about! My 441 downloads have no version number appended.
  6. How do you tell which version is available? I can't find the version number anywhere!
  7. Living just south of the 55 parallel - sadly now aged just north of it ... and been fltsimming since the end of the 80's!
  8. WOW! Talk about a workout on the pedals!!! What a difference Berndt Stolle's FDE makes to what I thought was already a great aeroplane to fly. Don't use this upgrade unless you want to learn to sim-fly all over again! I've been simming for over 20 years and reckoned I could just about land anything anywhere, but for the first time in YEARS I've found myself practising takeoff and landings again. NOW we're beginning to feel what "as real as it gets" means. Thanks Berndt!
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