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  1. This looks excellent, but short of spending some hours to try to understand Vim and opening/editing binary files, I might have to just dream about this better yoke arrangement Any tips will be gratefully received, digested, attempted ... and might even result in some measure of success.
  2. 10 years ago, or whenever it was that FSX took the world by storm, it's simplistic ATC audio could be directed to a secondary audio device. I fail to understand how 10 years on it is no longer possible apart from buying a 2nd computer. I know, I have a very simplistic understanding of the inner machinations of a pc...
  3. Dave, Thanks for the prompt reply. I don't imagine for a minute that it would only be a few lines of code. But then neither is what you have already developed, so perhaps a future P2A will talk to the AI. Is 'talking' to the AI possibly a few less lines of code than 'controlling' it? :wink:
  4. It's those last four words that get me interested as the lack of interaction with AI traffic is the ONE thing that is making me hesitate to buy into P2A. So is that just a throwaway statement, or is there a short- or medium-term plan to add full AI ATC?
  5. Ok, "found" it again I set the BIOS so I could hot plug the two spare SATA ports, and after a bit of cable wriggling I 'heard' the SSD being found. Now we're up and running again ... with a couple of better quality cables on order! Thanks for the help guys, I was thinking the worst with a dead SSD in mind lol.
  6. Hi guys. Yesterday I installed an SSD for the first time, transferring my FSX installation seamlessly across from it's previous home on one of my HDDs. The only installation issue was the device driver not installing properly, but a pc reset or two solved that and the subsequent much faster loading of FSX was very welcome. That was yesterday. Today my pc thinks it doesn't have an SSD, and no matter what I try to do, I can't get it to recognise it's new component. Any ideas? Nothing has changed since yesterday's installation - I haven't even put the side panel back on the case yet - and I can't see how anything could have changed in the software installation either. Any suggestions? I'm grounded until someone finds my SSD for me lol. Cheers, SkipperMac EDIT: Here's a thought - iTunes updated this morning and required a reset (pc wasn't turned off since yesterday). When it rebooted I noticed my desktop 'flying' icons had gone generic and FSX couldn't load ... hence discovering the SSD wasn't being recognised today. Could it be something to do with the iTunes update? Drivers messing about? :(
  7. NOT where the Cessna 441 is concerned, which this thread is about! My 441 downloads have no version number appended.
  8. How do you tell which version is available? I can't find the version number anywhere!
  9. This has nothing to do with VoxATC. Those aircraft are being controlled by the freeware Orbx GA AI files and VoxATC is not even aware of their existence ... unfortunately :(
  10. Inigo, I think the step you're actually missing is checking the predicted winds aloft for your routing. If you check that, then you'll know your predicted flight time to the destination airport and can use the lbs per hour estimates for calculating the flight time fuel. Then you need to add fuel to your alternate, and then the required reserve to allow you to hold for 45 mins. The easy way (I find it the easy way anyway) is to use SimBrief.com. This will plan your flight, check the weather, suggest an alternate if you don't input one, and work out how much fuel you'll need. It gives you the same kind of pre-flight briefing you'd get from a dispatcher, and so far it has never failed me ... even in adverse weather.
  11. Can't really help. I'm looking at SimMarket, but I can't find anything to tell me which version the download currently is.
  12. All of the above (pie in the sky wish list?) ... but add to that a proper, professional, real-world-realistic ATC for VFR and IFR flight.
  13. Thanks for this! Yeah, I know this is an old post, but thanks anyway - these figures, and seeing that the devs of my almost-favourite turboprop in FSX were using Frictionality, I finally decided to take the plunge. I've been running the FSUIPC Lua script for some time, but was never entirely satisfied as its a one-size-fits-all solution and doesn't take into account the odd way braking efficiency seems to be dealt with in FSX. So far with Frictionality, so good. Leads to the question - does anyone have a fully developed profile suitable for the 441? Joe's figures are a good start point, but what about Wet and Snow covered runways, and different surfaces? Or have I not really understood the program yet. On a different note, I was trying to remember how to program my spare 'mixture' lever to control the condition levers in the 441. As I hunted through the FSUIPC options, I discovered that setting 'Mixture' (yes, I know that belongs to piston engines) gives a wonderful, fully variable reverse thrust on both engines. Now I don't have to use buttons or full-reverse if I don't want to - excellent for moderating taxi speed also! Stay off those brakes ;-)
  14. "Should be" perhaps, but it isn't. I assume that by "main install folder" you mean SimObjects/Airplanes/FLYSIM Cessna 441... What is the file name of the manual and I'll do a search for it.
  15. It was watching the videos that convinced me I wanted this aircraft in my virtual hangar. Just purchased and downloaded it this evening, and I'm really disappointed that the follow-on videos sound like they're not going to get done :( Edit to add a question: Where did you hide the manual? :huh:
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