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  1. Stefan, During go-around this FMC defaults to a cruise altitude of 10.000/FL100.If you stay at the same airport, no diversion, changes are you never climb to that altitude. To get the speeds calculated again enter the actual altitude you climbed to during go-around in the INIT page - Cruise box, Hope it helps, Harry
  2. He's talking about external views, not internal cabin lighting.Enjoy the MD11, she is different!! (as RSR stated years ago)Regards,Harry
  3. Robert,Take as much time as your team needs.Regards,Harry
  4. FBW has it's advantage,so you can tune the flight for the target at hand.Less easy to do that for a 'modernized' 737. Total different airplanes regarding their basic design.Regards,Harry
  5. In both FSX and FS9, the L-key should switch on/off all the aircraft external lights.Make sure your L-key was not changed to something else as the default MSFS assignment.Tip: Logo light is switched as well by the L-key, also be sure to select a passenger aircraft to solve your problem.Regards,Harry
  6. Hello Denis,No, you'r not the only one seeing this annoying VOR symbol drawing.I remember this ever since I have the MD11, also after reinstalling FSX/Acceleration and the aircraft on a new harddisk.I'm running the FSX version on a Q6600, Vista 32-bit and a GF9800GT in DX9 mode. Nothing special about that.I see this happening only on the 2D panels, VC is oke unless I pop-up the ND.For completeness sake: My FS9 installation on my notebook is working correct. (also Vista 32)Not of much help either, but awaiting any smart answer on this from other forum members who KNOW how to solve this.Regards,Harry
  7. Julian,Simple answer is:Slope is not relevant in FSX.Wind: Enter the component, HD or TL component as relevant.Regards,Harry
  8. May it be a stupid reaction as well, I add to this:The MD11 is one of the most silent cockpits I have flown. Be it wind noise or packs or whatever.Regards,Harry
  9. Nothing to do with Candy.Used the MD11 to fly the STAR mentioned by Ryan into KLAX. SEAVU2 -ILS25L.For the purpose of VNAV, selected the RNAV (Z) approach to 25L.-Observations:The next waypoint on the STAR and following approach, is sequenced as soon as the nose of the aircraft symbol hits the magenta waypoint position.However: the next altitude restriction is sequenced some time later, when the aircraft center, which is the (MD11) present position, is passing that waypoint.As these two instances are not simultanious, this triggers a temporary level-off, de-stabilising the continuous descent profile.(for this reason I use FPA for the final stages of the approach.)As far as I can observe, the profile is calculated very excactly and synchronising the Waypoint sequencing with the next profile altitude at the same instance, would give a more smooth descent.May not be the problem that is investigated for the upcoming 737NGX. For the MD11 it would make it more like real life.Hope it is of help.Regards,Harry
  10. Mark,You don't have to shout for beer on this one.It's free.Regards,Harry
  11. Just for information.Landing Flaps 35 (or 50) have been indicated in this thread as a condition to obtain Dual or Single Land mode.Although Landing Flaps are a (certified) requirement for Autoland, the setting is NOT checked during the Autoland check, which is a system redundancy check only for the systems involved.So, Molly, there is something else you did correct to perform your first, non tutorial, autoland.Keep on going.Regards,Harry
  12. Charles,On the NAVRAD page, select *LOC ONLY ?, untill cleared for approach?Regards,Harry
  13. In my post #16 above, the links to some pictures are not working anymore.In the mean time Ryan - Pinned- an item in the General Forum that is strongly related to the problem that Nick (AoA) started.ie- Magnetic variation updates for FS9 and FSX -Updating the VOR's as well to the present values makes the ND look much more like real world, something that PMDG aircraft deserve.Here the missing pictures, so you can compare the differences.FIG1FIG2Regards,Harry
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