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  1. Yeah agree. Screen shots or videos shot from outside the plane don't convince either with Skymaxx
  2. Stonelove

    Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83

    Very sorry for this.
  3. If its support for MCE is anything like their BAe - 146 and is totally mouse driving like the BAe - 146, no way!
  4. Judging by those two videos, FSX box version got more going on in terms of scenery and frame is almost on par with SE who's scenery is not so complex.
  5. Stonelove

    Prepar3D v2.5 Development Update

    you all gona install it. Wait and see.
  6. Stonelove

    Active Sky Next vs OpusFSX

    I haven't a problem with Opus's product but look back on Opus earlier initial posts and then see if they were modest.
  7. Not if its all mouse driven and no MCE support like their BAe 146
  8. Stonelove

    Trolls --- You have been warned!

    Yeah well it seems that if the middle class people are abused then they are quick to stamp on it but they make a load excuses or totally ignore nuisance antisocial neighbours making people's life's hell. People in those situation are identified as low class. I know a number of people going through it with great stress. If they want help they have to amass tons of proof that could take years, then they have to bring it to court in private prosecutions. Always a politician there looking after the middle classes.
  9. Thx Kofee. I will check out their site on the VC++ .
  10. Hiya Koffee. No, AI Traffic do not connect used in either ASN for FSX or ASN for P3D directories but ASN for FSX connect to FSX with no problems.
  11. Well I'm having no joy. My experience is not so positive. I'm in contact with support to which I can only describe as a kind of tennis match.
  12. Stonelove

    EZCA v2 news.

    Can we have cockpit shake during engine start and at idling plz?
  13. Stonelove

    Criticism from a real B200 Pilot

    I have had this aircraft for a long time and had never flown it. Lately I was agonising on what aircraft to buy and fly on FSeconomy, a tossup between Aerosoft Otter Extended and the Carenado B200. Well the Aerosoft had won just because of the terribly DISMAL manual that accompanies the B200. If a new player wanted t use the manual for concise engine start procedure they would be lost to what pumps and switches that in what sequence they should be switched on,
  14. Stonelove

    Pro-Atc or Radar Contact?

    I have use PFE and default ATC. I now use VOXATC. In my opinion PFE is good, I do miss the natural voices especially around the Caribbean but VOXATC beat then on real world phraseology and stars when following charts. Also VOXATC has improved the voices lately with some upgrades and on the ground AI traffic control.
  15. Right I have sussed it. What I had to do: I restored my client an earlier time (don't know how significant that was for me, hopefully no one else to has to but I did it anyway) un-install SDK and re-install the whole lot. some time before this if you have a working AS2012 on the client, you can use that to see if the simconnect it find is actually SP1 or SP2, mine was saying SP1 (don't know how that happened) After install of SDK SP2 on server, install resulting simconnect on client. Next check to make sure this line if saying "Protocol=Auto" (don't ask!) in simconnect.cfg, is now saying "Protocol=IPv4". Hope it helps. Worked for me anyway