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  1. Yeah agree. Screen shots or videos shot from outside the plane don't convince either with Skymaxx
  2. Thanks for the limks guysI 'm trying to create my own textures to use on taxiways and sounding area, are the any tips in terms of render issues?I have an old Geforce fx5900 with 128thx
  3. Can some please direct me to the file please< It dont seem to be on this this sitethxs
  4. >I would like to run fly2 under win2k but when trying to patch>i get message: "old file not found">Can anyone help please?>Great "First Time Flyers Explains Allot"
  5. Thanks guys im a returning fly simmer too and have to haul my mind back too. I have got it going now thanks to your advices. Got another question: What in your opinion are the best add-ons - scenery wise and stuff? give as much as you got time for, thanks again.
  6. I would like to run fly2 under win2k but when trying to patch i get message: "old file not found"Can anyone help please?
  7. Im sorry but i dont think any flight sim can beat fly's flight model. Only real flyers can fly fly! :)Now i can get back into IFRs who cares about scenery, Fly's scenery is not that bad if you just want to do serious work anyway.
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