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  1. Does anyone here have the payware for this ? I have the free beta from way back and have the 737Ng (the only jet i have ) programmed with 9 Goflight modules . I would like to maybe get the payware verison to be able to program the Aerosoft Twin Extended buy the 777 from here and program it but all this stuff is supposed to be easy but never is .Would like to hear some comments and if i do get it can ask here for some help ---Was at the Vegas conference couple weeks ago and should of looked into it over there .
  2. Boy what a shock,i talked to him at a Flight sim conference in Seattle .
  3. Thanks Ryan and everyone else ,man she is a trip this one . I was high at Olleo , sloppy but got it in,need more practice . My young lad is Captain on one of these but it's always a fight for him to show me anything so i just come here now when i'm stuck.
  4. Where more or less are you fully configured Mark ,?as suggested here I'm using OLLEO and I'm trying to get used to the Hud , i've been going to PEPPI -its a little longer flight but gives me time to get this slippery thing slowed up .
  5. I just did a run using PEPPI had almost everything hanging out at OLLEO , seemed a little strange to be configured that high , but got in there a lot more in control ,I hand bombed it in by hand and went for the vasi's when i cleared to tops over the water in the bay.But she sure is one fine ride
  6. Well it’s nice to see that a lot also find this an interesting place .I always fly in the morning around 6 Am so there’s never any ATC and a lot of times its socked in solid and I can’t do the flight (active sky next ). Flying in there when the sun comes up is so nice . It’s not that I can’t get in, it’s that my flights are always a fight and never smooth and I’m behind the airplane so once you get behind you know what that’s like . Any way I took a bunch of notes and will keep trying .The hud I’m starting to get into, when you turn at Olleo and head straight down there’s a mountain peak to make sure you don’t clip ,and I’m not configured properly at OLLEO I think is the big problem. I’ll try it from PEPPI.
  7. Orbz had a real good sale on last month so i bought the payware Valdez .(real nice ) I'm a short hopper only so i've made maybe 15 flights from Whitehorse CYXY into PAVD and it's a real nice ride, but it would be a lot nicer if I'd get in there right, cause all my flights there are mess and sloppy. I have the latest airnav and using JON to transit. Has anyone have any tips to get in there like a real driver , cause it sure the heck ain't me
  8. Orbz had a real good sale on last month so i bought the payware Valdez .(real nice ) I'm a short hopper only so i've made maybe 15 flights from Whitehorse CYXY into PAVD and it's a real nice ride, but it would be a lot nicer if I'd get in there right, cause all my flights there are mess and sloppy. I have the latest airnav and using JON to transit. Has anyone have any tips to get in there like a real driver , cause it sure the heck ain't me
  9. Exactly Claude , And i have the free one and if i buy the 777 Steve at PollyPot told me it won't work its just for the 737 ngx so i'll have to buy it . The free one, the instructions were not near as good as they have now so i paid Steve to come in my rig with Team view to set it up .You get kinda spoilt not using the mouse all that much with the Interface, so i'm not sure what to do cause it's pretty serious cash to fly one aircraft and might stay just with the NGX .
  10. It's a really good tool Kyle , if you were to go to the conference in Vegas, Go-flight will be there and you'd really see how it works . This outfit from the UK called Pollypot made this Interface Tool that goes hand in hand with all the Go-flight modules. They told me to try the Beta and was only good with the NGX 737 but now they perfected it and let it go as payware and you can program almost any plane through it . Have a look at this video to get a glimpse. I hardly use the mouse for nothing and it's really cool flying the 737 NGX
  11. Umm might have to reconsider this bird. I have the beta Interface tool for the NGX but now i have to buy it to also put in the 777 the Interface tool and the 777 is 166 bucks Canadian so i got some serious thinking to do
  12. I wasn’t aware of the built in time acceleration ,and flight aware Dan I use almost daily and really like it .Ha and no one said anything about slamming this beast in a 7,500 foot runway so I must be good to go .Ill check out the short routes ,I’m sure I’ll use some—- thanks guys Louis
  13. My only jet is the NGX 737 ,if I decide to get the 777 how real is this for me - I’m not into long hauls ,1 to 2 hours max for a flight and that’s it for me .Also I like going into to strips about 7 to 8 thousand feet long and smaller airports like Fort Mac Murray - Yellowknife ,places like that and not demanding as much on frames compared to places like Friso and L.A. . Also I run about 8 or so Go-Flight modules that are set up with Polly pots Interface module so then I would be able to add this bird to it to be able to use the buttons and switches.So my question is with what i just told you, is this reality to fly this 777 or is it made for long hauls and wouldn’t be all that realistic ?
  14. He's real funny that way Neil, But me being a heavy duty mechanic when his '65 Mustang needs work guess who has to go fix it !!!! but that's Ok what ever --- i have friends who are jet jockeys on this bird so i just ask them, one of them is Jack Codwell who was a beta tester on this bird and is a friend of mine .Dan and Nick, i'm going through your tips
  15. I'm running Active sky next and to make it more real on the DES page it says "forecast " so let's say I'm landing at Calgary --CYYC - In Active Sky it will show the weather at different altitudes , i'm sticking in the winds at Level 240 -18000 and sometimes- 9000 or maybe- 3000 feet . Are you guys basically using this and how is it simulated? just curious . Guys ask me on team speak "is this the only jet you have" ? and i reply "yes cause i fly this thing like an 'ol lady why the heck would i buy anything else "? my kid is a captain on one of these and if he's walk in and see me fly this thing he's shut my computer off and tell me to get an other hobby . Can't for the life of my make a 1/2 desent Rnav approach, tried using Level change to go into Thunder bay CYQT and was 8 thousand feet over the runway, ha a disgrace to the flight sim community .Hope i see a couple of you in Vegas come June at the sim conference -
  16. Well a lot of interest in this subject i see that's for sure.When i go to Vegas in June I'll make my decision. I have a pile of cash tied up with Precision Flight Controls and Go -flight so most likely will wind up going ahead with all this at some time .Its like the term "plug and play " oh ya right, cause its plug and PRAY that the darn thing is gonna work. I talked to guys on team speak and they get so frustrated with all this they feel like getting out of simming and just one thing after another going wrong is what scares me .I think what ill do when i get to the conference is get to know someone and ask him how much he'll charge me to come in my rig with Team View and set it all up. I was gonna buy the PMDG 777 but after reading just above what Paul said about rebuying it i think i'll wait for that purchase .
  17. Lately, here and there i've been coming across polls on those who use FSX, P3D and now version 4 . I'm not talking about just one poll but have seen a few of them and looks like guys like me with just FSX are being left in the dark with something like only 9-10% are with FSX and everybody is P3d. And watching a tutorial video they were saying that basically eventually barely no one will be on plain ol FSX . So what is the future of FSX ? I'm booked for the conference in Vegas in June so I'll l really dig into it there..
  18. I registered, and booked the rooms ,good line up and hope PMDG are there
  19. Wow pretty impressive.. I never seen of heart of this Scott .
  20. Cold and dark at night in this bird putting the dome light on it basically sheds no light ,so i have to set it to day time to find my way around the cabin to get things going with start up . I looked around different sites but the explanations are not clear enough and i don't want to really make a mess in the conf file . Anybody know how to set the intensity fo the dome light so i can see inside the cockpit at night ? Louis
  21. Nice explanation Kyle, you always seem to be on the ball for support . I wish i can say the same for a pile of other developers, by the way are you going to Vegas conference?
  22. I don't know, but a friend of mine was part of the team involved in putting this bird together and he told me "you wouldn't believe how in depth there are making this sim " . One time i just could not get up to altitude and trying to reach the set altitude what ever it was "39 or so thousand feet" she was oscillating like it was at coffins corner . So i asked my friend who's captain on one of these and told him about it and he said "well you had too much fuel " and i said "no way" and he said "yep you must of had too much fuel" low and behold and went back and checked and sure enough that's what it was i screwed up putting in the fuel and didn't check .
  23. Flying this since it came out i've never had this happen , when i started the APU it stayed on low pressure for a long long time and i couldn't figure out what was going. but then i was in Yellow knife and it was 36 below active sky next, so i figured this might be the reason cause if it is this is pretty impressive when wont start cause its too cold
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