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  1. Seeing as how all the FSInn/FSCopilot subforums were moved to the "Archive" section of their forums (and there are no posts in 2008),it makes me wonder if they're continuing with the product.
  2. You will only see AI within 40 miles of you, so as you move around, planes will appear and disappear.Otherwise, your traffic data may not include flights in the areas you're talking about (Cape Town).
  3. You can and possibly should use both, because AISmooth handles some stuff that RC doesn't. Search this forum for more.
  4. Do you have a custom scenery at that airport? I think FS thought you had landed, possibly due to a scenery problem.Last night I installed a KBOS scenery into FSX (not designed for it), and when I taxi'ed onto a runway, it said to watch out for the 737 on upwind, oh continue...no, stop...ok continue. I think it was referring to me. :)Also ground would be the ones to tell you to taxi. Were you talking to Tower or Ground?
  5. I would love to use it if it could tell me (or take me to) where each plane is (what gate). Like, if I could click on one and it opens a new "AI Traffic" window focused on that plane.
  6. Also, the window needs to have focus. If you've opened or closed the ATC window for example, you're going to have to click on the window to refocus it.
  7. Exactly who I thought it was. I feel your pain there.
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