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  1. Thanks Bill and Howard. Things have been put on hold. My new computer has to be returned to the manufacturer.
  2. I got a new computer. (I had windows 7, on the old one) Windows 10(new) installed. When I installed FSX-SE every thing seemed ok. But when I tried to install an add-on location, I couldnt find "add-on scenery" in the folder it wasn't there. Any ideas? I also have an problem with some of my airports (KPSP) the aircraft are underground. I do have a lot of ORBX addons. I have tried the "verify integrity of game" in Steam, still no ADD-ON SCENERY IN FILE. Any ideas? Please help i'm 75 tomorrow, and miss using FSX-SE Thanks, Paul
  3. Does any one know where the chase plane has a ..Help..or forum?
  4. Quality Wings are nearing release of 787. They havent said how much yet
  5. I did that and nothing happens. it came up with Compressed zipped folder, clicked ..Run..(then) Do you want to run this file...Yes.. and nothing?????????????????
  6. sorry, how do I get the power-point tutorial to work?
  7. yes. Just downloaded from your site. I'm 73 and need a little help understanding the instructions. Thank you Paul
  8. Just downloaded this file. I have Feelthere Map installed but can't figure out hoe to install this. Can someone please help. Thank you Paul
  9. Pablo30


    Hi, Can this program be used with FSX-SE? I tried to change the location on your opening, but it wont go to FSX_SE.
  10. I purchased and downloaded FSC9. When I started to install this I got a message "MSFS9 NOT FOUND. INSTALL FIRST THEN RELOAD". I clicked OK. Got the main Database Manager page. Lefthand side says "select Flight Simulator Path here. Did that, but on the righthand side it says "Invalivd path". So wont go any further and load.Please help.ThanksPaul :(
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