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  1. Thanks Bill and Howard. Things have been put on hold. My new computer has to be returned to the manufacturer.
  2. I got a new computer. (I had windows 7, on the old one) Windows 10(new) installed. When I installed FSX-SE every thing seemed ok. But when I tried to install an add-on location, I couldnt find "add-on scenery" in the folder it wasn't there. Any ideas? I also have an problem with some of my airports (KPSP) the aircraft are underground. I do have a lot of ORBX addons. I have tried the "verify integrity of game" in Steam, still no ADD-ON SCENERY IN FILE. Any ideas? Please help i'm 75 tomorrow, and miss using FSX-SE Thanks, Paul
  3. Does any one know where the chase plane has a ..Help..or forum?
  4. Quality Wings are nearing release of 787. They havent said how much yet
  5. I did that and nothing happens. it came up with Compressed zipped folder, clicked ..Run..(then) Do you want to run this file...Yes.. and nothing?????????????????
  6. sorry, how do I get the power-point tutorial to work?
  7. yes. Just downloaded from your site. I'm 73 and need a little help understanding the instructions. Thank you Paul
  8. Just downloaded this file. I have Feelthere Map installed but can't figure out hoe to install this. Can someone please help. Thank you Paul
  9. Pablo30


    Hi, Can this program be used with FSX-SE? I tried to change the location on your opening, but it wont go to FSX_SE.
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