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  1. I had this issue once… had to uninstall and re install… hope someone knows of a better solution
  2. Hey guys, I'm having a new issue I've never had before and it's frustrating. I get bad screen tearing whenever I have Frame Generation turned on. It doesn't matter if I have VSYNC on in the Nvidia control panel or in game, or any VSYNC setting. I also have a Freesync monitor and latest graphics driver. The weird thing is like I said before, I only recently started having this issue. And the only way I've found to make it stop is if I do windows key + G to bring up the gamebar and then lock the FPS counter (or any other screen) to the screen and get back into MSFS. Then there is no more tearing. Any ideas?
  3. After watching that video, it definitely clears any doubt I had! Looks fantastic compared to V1!
  4. That’s what I thought it would be, but it’s the VRAM that is maxing out and that is what causes me issues. If the VRAM stays down a little bit, it’s butter smooth.
  5. I tried switching to lower texture res and that did work, however it looked awful (and I'm only running at 2K). Also switched off things like parking lots and that didn't make a difference. It's the only airport that has a massive hit on my performance.
  6. If their LAX brings even a 4080 to it's knees, can't imagine what this is going to do...
  7. Yeah that’s not the bug I was talking about… I’ve only ever seen the single line
  8. Those have been around since the beginning and asobo has said no fix is planned.
  9. Thanks for that. Also I should note that I’ve since upgraded to a 4080, just haven’t updated my signature yet (I’m on mobile browser most of the time…)
  10. Hi guys, I’ve been interested in VR for a while, but just kept pushing it off. I’ve also been super turned off by the reports of motion sickness. But now I’m looking into getting a headset and give it a try, but keep seeing posts go back and forth between the latest reverb g2 and the pico 4. Has anyone had experience with both? You guys have more knowledge on VR than I do, so what would all of you say between the two?
  11. Ok maybe I misunderstood. I’ll have to test some more and who knows, maybe freesync isn’t working and that’s why I get better performance with vsync on. This is one of many sources I learned from. “For gamers looking for the most fluid gaming experience, turning on VSync will ensure full frames are displayed when above the refresh rate range.” https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/free-sync-settings
  12. Everything I read says vsync absolutely needs to be enabled for freesync monitors
  13. Without vsync enabled, I get more stutters and screen tearing.
  14. Yes I have a freesync monitor and works great with vsync. And I definitely do get better performance with Frame Generation (double what the MSFS dev mode frames show. And I’m using the Xbox game bar fps overlay). But between DLSS3 and TAA, there’s no difference (both with frame gen on). What seems odd is before with the 3080, I got stutters less frequently and a frame rate of maybe 20-25fps with full ultra settings, dense AI traffic, anny anddon airliner, and 2K resolution at KLAX. Now I of course get 40-50 with the same everything except stutters more often. I even see my 16GB of VRAM hit 98-100% at times at 2K. I didn’t think this card would be utilized very heavily with a 2K resolution?
  15. I’m interested in what others are using too. I upgraded from a 3080 to a 4080 and surprisingly, I get more stutters with all the same exact settings than I did with the 3080! And I also notice smoother performance for me when I use in game vsync at 50%, even with frame generation enabled. No performance difference between TAA and DLSS3 for me.
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