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  1. Had this message pop up during a flight with a CRJ. Forced the end of that flight! Also it changed a lot of my settings. Anyone else notice any performance impact with the "new packages"?
  2. Thank you for the reply. I’ve been trying to find some good 32” monitors within my budget (as close to $300 as possible) but haven’t had a ton of luck. And with not being able to run at 4K, I figured 27” may be that sweet spot for me. It is an IPS HDR monitor with Freesync.
  3. Hi guys! I’m in the market for a new monitor. I have someone local offering a LG 27" 4k IPS freesync monitor 27ul600 for $250. Seems like an awesome deal but I’ve been specifically looking for a 2K monitor since I am more interested in frames and smoothness than 4K. My pc specs are i7-9700k @4.9Ghz, 32GB RAM, GTX1080ti. Will running the sim at 2k resolution on a 4K monitor look bad? Right now I’m running the rendering scale at 130 on a 23” 1080p monitor. Also I tried moving this to the hardware forum...
  4. As a RW commercial pilot, the main thing I notice with MSFS that definitely isn’t accurate is the up/down twitchiness especially when flaring. It seems to be way too sensitive and doesn’t have enough of a heavy feel like it does in RL. And the liftoff/touchdown reactions are funky.
  5. So I had a thought today as I was flying around KLAS. My 1080ti VRAM usage is 10.5GB out of a total 11GB available. When running DX12, wont this be an issue if I'm already using that much VRAM with DX11? The sim is running smooth and looks great as it is right now for me, I hope I won't have to dial back settings when DX12 comes out...
  6. Maybe the installation is corrupt or something? I was doing some VOR tracking and ILS practice with it today and those worked fine.
  7. Watching their dev update video, they said we will see performance improvements. They say it’s not specifically due to DX12, but more due to improvements to the sim.
  8. For what it's worth, my machine (i7-9700k @4.9, GTX 1080ti) when I maxed everything out at FlyTampa KLAS with the NGXu, I was seeing 7GB VRAM with EA on too. But I only run 1080p monitor.
  9. I'll be watching this as I too have a 1080ti and have been happy with v4.5. I've thought about going to v5 but I haven't been convinced/seen enough of an upgrade to justify losing a great running sim and some extra money.
  10. I’m hitting 10GB VRAM on my 1080ti at 1080p resolution.
  11. What MSFS settings? Count yourself lucky, seem to be the first person I’ve seen that doesn’t get 10-20fps with both airport and city enabled.
  12. By the reply it seems like he doesn’t really think it needs or there’s much that can be done to improve the frames. I don’t feel an 8 core 4.8Ghz CPU, GTX1080ti and 32GB RAM is too low of a PC to run the scenery in the 30’s...
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