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  1. These findings are what I was expecting once addons started coming into the sim. I’m still on 4.5 not the latest HF and I can fly into FSDT KLAX, heavy thunderstorms, every single slider maxed except for road traffic, AI on, REX, ActiveSky, day or night with DL on, no ORBX but am running GEP3D and UTX, and get no less than 25fps and smooth. I’ve never had a sim run and look that good. So why would I want to give that up for possible CTDs and no better performance? i7-9700 4.9GHz and 1080ti.
  2. I like seeing something positive about v5! Although, isn’t it still a little early to say the improvements are major? I’m sure a vanilla v5 runs awesome, but how is it going to run once all the add ons are brought into it? That’s what I’m curious about.
  3. Just came across this, never heard of it before. Pretty cool package! However, is there a way to remove default ships so only those in this package show up?
  4. $120 is the thing that blew my consideration for the product. I’d love to have a biz jet as I had their older citation X but I’ll be passing these up.
  5. Over on their forums in a topic they posted yesterday, they state “We anticipate NG3 going to market at around $139.99. NGXu is priced at $99.99. If you purchase NGXu, you will only be charged $40 at that time, while new customers to NG3 will pay the full $139.99.”
  6. Could someone share a list of updates or things that are suppose to be new for V2?
  7. Bummer, only those registered with their forum can see the pictures and info
  8. It won't be a free upgrade to MSFS2020 NG3. That's been misunderstood a lot. If you buy before Dec 31, 2019, then you will get a $99 credit towards the NG3. I do agree though that I don't see P3D becoming obsolete any time soon. There are a lot of us who have spent a ton of money on P3D addons, upgrades, etc that aren't willing to toss it all aside. Sure, the new sim looks AMAZING, but I love my addons and immersion I'm getting with P3D. Especially since it has taken years to get a sim to the experience I am getting now. I think I read PMDG stating the NG3 will be released in 2020.
  9. That or if one is the opposite and has already invested a ton over the years and can’t justify spending it all over again. Unfortunately.
  10. I also love the program!! One of my top addons (I use it with SkyForce)
  11. It’ll be a little bit until I can post the version I uninstalled. Working the day away... I just know it was the latest, I think it had an update date of October.
  12. I may have solved it by uninstalling the latest windows update. I'm now able to load a plane and fly... fingers crossed.
  13. Bummer, tried this and same result. Ok Update: I've uninstalled P3D fully and reinstalled. Same. Exact. Issue. FSUIPC doesn't affect anything. It also doesn't crash until my mouse goes over an aircraft in the list and highlights it, not even clicking. Also does this any time I select a drop down in options or anywhere on the startup screen... How could it still be happening after a fresh install?
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