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  1. Pict

    Close call?

    There are a few actually (example of one below).... All runways have glideslopes....just that most don't have glideslope guidance (e.g. ILS/MLS).
  2. Be reasonable - 24 Hours haven't even passed yet.....and it's a weekend. At least give a technician one to two business days to respond to a support request (and more time to investigate and come up with a solution). [Edit 201611051718] While you wait you can also search the forum for similar posts and read the stickied posts as well to see if they have anything relevant.
  3. Visit (and register at) their support forum for help: http://qwsim.flight1.net/forums/
  4. Sounds like your scenery.cfg (or terrain related files in the FSX directory) may have been corrupted at some point during the process. I only have the boxed version so not sure if the steam version changed it - but you can try checking your /ProgramData/Microsoft/FSX folder to see if any backups of your scenery.cfg were made by the Orbx installer. *X referring to the primary drive letter your resides in.
  5. Eaglesoft's SR22GTX Gen-5's a personal favourite for me - flies pretty much perfectly on the numbers from my experience, and not taxing on my system at all.
  6. Noticed the same thing as well - particularly the erratic FD commands - better than earlier versions so at least some fine-tuning took place. I'll withhold any judgement until the software is actually complete....as there can (and most likely will be) be major overhauls even at a "v0.85.x" - especially in the area of systems. Unfortunately many of you here (and elsewhere) seem to not understand what beta software actually is though ... VC is far from complete, systems are still being implemented, FBW still being tuned ... and by a two-three person team (how many of you complaining have any programming knowledge? Maybe you should offer your services to them and pitch in rather than poke fun at them constantly). The mere fact that they're taking on developing an Airbus FBW type (notorious for their difficulty in programming/coding for any accurate simulation) is a feat in its own right - and there *will* be major coding/visual/FDM overhauls for sure even before any RC's are released. FSLabs only covers the narrow-bodies for now - aside from Aerosoft's upcoming offering, this is pretty much the only other Airbus wide-body with any (planned) in-depth systems simulation - and the only recent one doing a mid/study level A340 (well there is the Wilco Editions....can't really say anything on it as I don't have a copy of it). [edited for grammar] -sorry for my marconic english
  7. When you (and others here who are constantly complaining) decided to buy what is *beta software* you should have known all that would be encompassing....meaning unfinished systems, bugs, incorrect performance parameters, handling issues, installation issues, texture issues, memory leaks, sound issues, etc etc. Nobody held a gun to your head(s) to buy it. They never once said it was a finished product when they began selling it - so not sure why persons here are acting as though they did. Moral of the story: if you want a finished (or as close to finished as you can possibly get) software - save your pennies and wait until the final release - don't buy beta versions and complain afterwards.
  8. Basically anything from Rick Piper/ Fraser Mckay over at cbfsim.org (Fokker F27s/L-188/Viscount/Britannia/CL-44/Hs.748/Dove/Heron) Also Tom Gibson & Co's aircraft over at calclassic.com as well. In the Library you can find a nice Piaggio PD.808 (vintage military/business jet), and the author of the Simcheck a300 has an a300f4-200 (complete panel/DHL aircraft) there as well. --Xavier
  9. Hold the RSK next to the transponder until it changes (~3 seconds) out of stby. Rgds Xavier
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