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  1. Dags

    Aerosoft Airbus P3Dv4 problems

    I hear you Adam, its the only aircraft in my hangar to give me problems as well, you could be right about simconnect though, but its doing this to me every flight i try, so aggravating, i really dont want to do a re-instal of the sim just for 1 plane, but sounds like might have to if the boys at Aerosoft cant find out the problem/s.
  2. Dags

    Aerosoft Airbus P3Dv4 problems

    Just bought the new Airbus package and having exact same problems as you are Adam ... with the autopilot. Taking off everything fine then soon as i pop the autopilot on its ok for a short while then just goes haywire and i can't control the aircraft, at my wits end with this, don't know what to do. And no i'm not running ezdok i'm running CP. So if anyone has any ideas how to fix this please let us know. Cheers
  3. Hi Jevon As many have said, your work rocks and i totally admire all your hard work put into this. I just did a 2 hr flight with your mod and with great pleasure to say that everything worked like a dream. Thanks again mate for you dedication and hard work. Daz
  4. Dags

    F50 GTN750 mods

    Working like a charm also here, another great job. Thanks Bert
  5. Hey mate, i have exactly the same issues with slow loading textures, and no matter what i do i can't get it fixed either. I am running an i7 7700 stock, gtx 1080, 32 gig fast ram, asus strix mobo running on a fast ssd on w10 pro. I am using 388.31 drivers without any other problems. Strange thing is that i just re-installed P43d v4.1 yesterday and with default textures i'm not experiencing the slow loading textures and blurries, however once i installed my ORBX scenery, bam slow loading textures etc. I tell you it's doing my head in, us with strong rigs shouldnt be experiencing this, makes me almost want to turn to the darkside and jump ship, it sure takes away the emersion factor big time.
  6. Gday all Bert your mods rock m8, i was wondering since i used your mods for the Carenado biz jets for v3, could you please send me your latest mods for v4 of these thanks m8 will send you a pm. Cheers
  7. Gday guys I am having same problems as Michael has, its getting rather annoying. In fact both Michael and I have reported this over at LM forums. The slow loading blocks of autogen is ridiculous, and its mainly blocks of urban autogen. I don't really know what to do about this as LM forums offering no help. Might even give V4 a miss until hopefully this is sorted out. Cheers
  8. Dags

    Shimmering P3D V4

    Ok got rid of quite a bit of shimmering/sparkling. What i did was put 2 x SSAA in NI, and in the sim i put in 8 x MSAA. Geez we shouldnt have to resort to these kinds of practices. Now i just have to sort out this autogen popping, its bloody annoying as well. Lets hope in some soonish patches these things are addressed, hey like most of you guys i'm not holding my breathe.
  9. Dags

    Shimmering P3D V4

    Having the same problem here with shimmering/sparkling, its mainly in urban areas, tried everying OP has to no avail. It's driving me nuts. Might give your suggestions a go Jiri. I'm running a i7-7700k stock with GTX1080, 16 gig ram plus Asus Strix Z270 Gaming mobo.
  10. Gday guys, the moral of the story is ... if you have ENVTEX installed, make sure you run it with administrator rights. I forgot to do this and when i installed textures from envtex it wasnt really installing its textures (if all that makes sense). Also what i did when the sun left me was to take the suneffect.cfg out of program data folder and let p3d rebuild another. Now thats fixed i'm still trying to get rid of shimmering/sparkling in scenery, most in urban areas, its annoying, plus also autogen popping ugh. Cheers
  11. All good my sun has returned thanks to Popette!!!!
  12. Gday guys One small problem with p3d v4, my sun has seemed to have gone on vacation, meaning it doesnt make an appearance in my sim now. I am using ENVTEX with PTA tool. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Gday Sunny I'm running an identical rig to yours but i have an overclocked 7700 @ 4.8 on liquid and i have no trouble running P3Dv3.4 with most sliders to the right running it locked @30, it does dip below that sometimes but it runs very smooth. I do get the occassional stutter like everyone else, but thats the nature of the beast. Also in scenery you will from time to time get stutters from rogue tiles in the scenery. Forgot to mention that i have zero tweaks in my config with hyperthreading on. And yes as Nyxx mentioned give PTA a try you won't be dissappointed. So mate dont worry about the occassional stutters, sit back and enjoy your flying.
  14. Dags

    Integrating a GTN 750

    Gday Bert Just had a chance to test out the Kodiak 750 mod you sent me, all good on that front.Thanks again for sending that. Been hectic here in Queensland with Cyclone Debbie. Cheers Daz
  15. Dags

    Integrating a GTN 750

    Gday Bert All is well with the 750 mod much appreciated, i was wondering if you have a 750 mod for Real Air Legacy v2 and the the Quest Kodiak. If you could email me them if you have them it would also be great, thanks again Bert. Cheers