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  1. With your kind permission, let me add a small detail. Your gaming computer (desktop or laptop) which is hosting the sim, and your smart device (tablet or phone) which is hosting this remote app, MUST be connected on the same wifi modem (or router). If you connect your pc/laptop to your wifi modem, and if you connect your tablet/phone to its gsm network mobile internet, then you CANNOT use the app.
  2. They will not start exporting process once they finish 747. Because, they have separate teams for fsx-p3d platform and xplane platform. So, in my opinion, while the fsx-p3d team is working on 747, the xplane team might be working on ngx or 777 or other projects already.
  3. So, for the betters, polls are open: vote: http://goo.gl/sqtrPR results: http://goo.gl/Vk6em3 --- Tuna Bilgi
  4. After a quick search in google, one may find investing in a used 744 more reachable ; http://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?make=BOEING&model=747-400&s-type=aircraft Tuna Bilgi
  5. You can program your fsuipc to show the reamining vas value on your sim while it's running. please check this post: http://www.avsim.com/topic/431663-vas-fsuipc-and-fsx/#entry2901761 The result will be like this: Tuna Bilgi
  6. Hello all, From my side, I did not have the issue you talked about. I installed the livery through ops center. When I loaded the aircraft, all is working well. Tuna Bilgi
  7. Is it possible to ask for a preview video, instead of screenshots? Thanks in advance. Tuna Bilgi
  8. My condolences to your loved ones. May you lie in light and rest in peace. You will always be remembered.
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