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  1. Works great. So easy to input flight plans. Tried RNAV approaches got around MSFS wanting to turn you around by inputting the IAF of the procedure into the enroute portion of the flight plan. When you get close to the IAF activate the approach and it works like a champ. Also all the nearest stuff works. Not bad for free 🙂 Stephen Aull
  2. Then go into your BIOS and see what it shows. Also try tilting the computer while its running to see if the sound changes. Steve Aull
  3. Ok just watch your video. Kind of hard to tell is it the fans spinning up real fast or something else. Do you have any software to monitor the AIO and the other fans throughout the case. Also look into MSI afterburner to monitor the system temps and other parameters. Steve Aull
  4. Could be air in the cooling system. This will cause the pump to cavitate. Try laying the PC on it side or tilting it to see if it changes the sound. Steve Aull
  5. FlyByWire A320NX Master has been updated to reflect the new hotfix. Steve Aull
  6. I notice that if you start your flight at gate or parking lot cold and dark the logbook will not count the takeoff. If you start out on the runway then it will count the takeoff. Steve Aull
  7. Generally a 152 never had DME installed. It's a training plane. Also VOR and DME are completely different radios. A VOR only provides azimuth in the VHF radio frequencies. DME is colocated at a lot of VOR sites but transmits and receives in the UHF frequency bands. VHF and DME (Channels) frequencies have been paired to work together. On some NAVCOM units when you dial in a VOR with DME the nav unit sends a signal to a seperate DME transceiver in the plane to dial in it's paired UHF frequency. VOR is receive only ie azimuth and sometimes voice. DME is more expensive because it transmits and reveives pulses to and from the DME site to compute distance at higher UHF freqs. Stephen Aull
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ecueP1sVPU&t=1122s
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ecueP1sVPU&t=1122s Stephen Aull
  10. No it wasn't aimed at you. I was just trying to explain the RMI when it comes to raw signals. Steve Aull
  11. Good conversation. I think everyone is misunderstanding what I mean. The ADF and VOR work on different RF principles. Yes you are right in that the the VOR needle does point to the magnetic bearing to the station. The nav signals from the nav radio are also sent to the RMI VOR indicator and since VOR theory and ADF theory are completely diffent on how the azimuth signals are generated. Actually the ADF is a relatively dumb instrument in that it just points to the station. The compass card is slaved to the magnetic heading, the ADF needle is tuned to the ADF reciever which gets RF from the Loop/Sense ADF antenna, and the VOR is tuned to the radial information from the nav radio. The RMI makes the VOR seem like it acts as an ADF to give a different way of looking at VOR data. Yes...if you are tracking to the station (directly) then yes the VOR and track will line up. What I'm saying is the RMI VOR needle is sensing radial info from the nav radio in affect always centered. So if I'm flying due North and am east of the VOR the VOR needle head will point to 270 which means I'm crossing the 090 radial from the VOR. If at the same time I have the HSI set to NAV 1 and CDI set to 090 or 270 then the needle is centered and just the TO/FROM flag will be different. I think the way the RMI is explained can mask the fact of how the two signals work. I think we are all thinking the same thing but getting hung up on bearing. With the RMI I no longer need to figure out the magnetic bearing to an ADF from my relative bearing sincethe ADF needle is overlaid on a slaved compass card. Also using the VOR needle and DME makes flying a manual DME arc a lot easier. No more twisting and turning of the OBS along an arc! Steve Aull
  12. Also if you put the ND in VOR mode and center the needle then the course should correspond to the RMI VOR pointer. If your on the 25 degree radial in VOR mode then the RMI needle should also be on the 25 degree mark. These two should be the same because they are reading the same VOR signals which have the same declination. I can see where a magenta line drawn that represents a known airway than the track should match the published airway crs as shown on paper charts. The reason I think you don't I think has to do with old declination values in FSX. Steve Aull
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