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  1. Amazing! Possible to release maybe? Thanks!
  2. So I was bored and since Delta's new B737-900ER was debuted, I decided to make one, still in beta and touching it up, should be out by Wednesday on Avsim!
  3. Wow! Thanks a Whole lot!!! Replacing the old PMDG ones... As an avid flyer and fan of Alaska Airlines (Hometown Woo!) These are pretty much 100% Accurate to the real deal! Thanks again
  4. Wanted to post and say an extreme thank you for these marvelous liveries! Aerosim planes have a reputation of limited paint schemes but you are painting an amazing palette of world airlines! Every new livery makes the AS787 worth more and more! Thanks again.
  5. great to hear. I may be working on LOT...
  6. I still have mine, I could dig it up but I don't like it, might re-do!
  7. I am importing photos from a photo session... I was literally 8 feet away from the SWA 738... only thing was a security fence blocked me from it.Here is the Rear section... sorry iPhone 4s camera.http://s737.photobucket.com/albums/xx14/CngDelta757/?action=view&current=IMG_0259.jpg
  8. Above the final exit door... the titles are 8301ETOPS
  9. Anyone up to TWA's Colors before they were bought out??
  10. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2q-3vTLM3fM/TVq71cbpy3I/AAAAAAAAA_0/IKrk0r7s8QQ/s1600/B738%2BZK-ZQE%2BQANTAS.jpg
  11. @ Badderjet WOW!!!!!!!!! Ima kiss you then fly all day and night in these planes lol Thanks a whole lot! :D
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen... I introduce the Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-932ER! Aiming for release before saturday!
  13. Hey to all leave the Delta to me... I am taking awhile to do some neat effects with bumps and alphas... (Regarding Emergency exit)
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