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  1. luckyswede


    Is this just a GA plug-in, or is it as good for the airliners also?
  2. luckyswede

    Affinity Mask: An Observation

    Well, I just want to confirm what Jim and some others on this thread have said. I can not find any benefit from using AM on P3D v3.2. When I use AM (I have tried a lot of AM settings) I got worse performance compared to NOT using any AM setting. I have the same CPU as Jim, the I7-4790k. Maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe it's just that P3D v3.2 uses a modern CPU in a good way.
  3. Looks great! :smile: Were can I find those for downloading?
  4. Hmm...withdrawn for personal reasons? I still guess his been contacted by the new FSX franchise owners (whoever it may be). Just wonder what approch they have? Is it the "your not allowed to do this for some reason, bla, bla, bla, and we will sue you if you not withdraw!", or is it the "we like your work very much, can we perhaps buy the program/code or maybe hire you?". Well, let's hope for an answer in due time. In the meantime I use the copy of the fixer I have (2.3). DX9 is not an option anymore. Maybe it's time to move on to Prepar3D v.2.
  5. Yes, probably. And if that's so, maybe the new owner of FSX want to do something possitive with the franchise. And then, maybe, they also see the great advantage of making FSX DX10 standard. And then, maybe, they want to either buy Steve's program/code or want to hire Steve himself in that work. That's my guess why it's so quiet from Steve right know. I guess he's in some sort of negotiations with the new franchise owners. Let's hope for the best. :smile:
  6. luckyswede

    Are these planes fixable ?

    Well, I'm not sure if it's possible to get the windows compleatly transparent. My guess is though, that it's not possible to delete the .bmp file, as long as the file is addressed somewhere in the airplanes code. FSX usually fill out such non-existant files with black color. My nav and strobe lights is, like yours, not visible in certain angles. But I can live with that, as most of my flying is from the cockpit, and I don't see them anyway.
  7. luckyswede

    Are these planes fixable ?

    I have the Just Flight/CLS B-767 and have it now working in DX10 mode. :smile: I use the DX10 fixer, and that one fixes the external textures. For the VC opaque windows though, I found that the .bmp file cls767_VC_t in the main CLS_767_textures map is the problem. It's the alpha layer that's not for some reason works in DX10 mode. So I made a new alpha layer for the .bmp file, using the great freeware tool "DXTBmp", and now I have transparent VC windows again! /Torbjörn Kuntze