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  1. I've heard from multiple persons that gizmo pops up a nag screen asking for some money. All true with this. Not against anybody, but a simple statement.- I also have a triple boot PC, but use other os than Linux only for recompiling stuff. Maybe once a year to fly something special in FSX. ----------------- So basically any developers that cannot support all OS should better not start at all! Capisce? -----------------
  2. Yes maybe, as I've only heard alike from multiple persons. But probably it pops up after some minutes and hence no matter for activation only. Whatever for me as I won't reboot, sorry.
  3. Tom, apparently Gizmo also pops up a snag screen. So, no way I'd reboot OSX86 nor Wirows only to bother about such...
  4. Yes sure. I wanted to point out that I only would buy a Linux version of this plane.
  5. Looks great, so I might buy the Linux version of X-Plane 10 at ebay for that beauty.
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