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  1. I just bought ENVTEX and installed the recommended textures. It´s really looking better now. The yellow snow is gone! Keep up your good work! Stephan
  2. Hello Thorsten! I still prefer the 1.2 setup. The yellow snow is still there with the updated 1.4. Best regards Stephan
  3. Hello Thorsten & Patrick! First of all thank you for your work and effort to create the best PTA settings! There are two issues i got with 1.4. The settings are set up as recommended. In 1.2 the VC is quite right and the snow got no yellow tint. The VC is very dark: Snow got a yellow tint: Could you please check if you got the same appearance? Best regards Stephan
  4. With HF12 the SIDs for both parallel RWYs get assigned correctly! Thank you! The aicraft taxing-in to the gate got problems following the taxi-lines. The turning radius seems too large.
  5. Do the SIDs have a runway number in them (not required, but ties down the SID more closely to a particular runway)? If not, try putting the runway number 1R in the 01R SID. Yes, the SIDs are named with runway number in the filename. Maybe you could reproduce the issue as ENGM-SIDs are part of the release 14BHF11.
  6. Hello! Great tool! Please continue to improve it. I noticed with HF11 and AS Oslo 1.06: Aircraft takeoff on RWY 01R and 01L, but always get RWY01L SIDs assigned, never the 01R SIDs. Is this behaviour intentional? Regards Nepo
  7. I got some issues using MCE 2.5.99 and the Majestic Dash8-Q400 1.00801-2-3: 1) "window heat on": window heat only switches to "warm up", never to "on" 2) "antiskid on": only the switch is flipped, but the antiskid warning still shows on the caution warning lights panel. 3) "transponder on": the Transponder remains in SBY mode. Could you please check and adress my problems? Regards Nepo
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