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  1. Lindy1958

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    I have to tell you - I am VERY disappointed with this aircraft. Especially at the price point they are selling it! It's SO buggy and SO not user-friendly! For example, you cannot save FMS flight plans, the autopilot does not support speed control, it's just frustrating to fly! It's destined to be a disappointing "hangar queen" in my livery! Junk, IMHO.
  2. Lindy1958

    747 crashing FSX

    PM me and I will walk you though what I do. Maybe it will help, however, as I use FS-Inn, it may not be helpful to publish my work around here. - Regards, Eric Faber
  3. Lindy1958

    747 crashing FSX

    Well, as mentioned in an earlier post, I have had serious problems with FSX and QOTSII crashing, especially after positioning the Queen at an airport, booting up ActiveSky, and then booting FS-Inn/Co-pilot via the addon menu. Essentially, FSX would crash as soon as I energized FS-Inn. This problem only seemed to arise when I chose a version 3 of PMDG's QOTS or the PMDG B-777. FSX and FS-Inn worked fine when selecting the older, version 2 PMDG 747 or the MD-11. Only when selecting the newer QOTSII or the B-777, have I experience FSX crashes to desktop. (Houston - We May Have a Solution (at least for FS-Inn users): Now, as of this moment, I have had great success, and am been able to fly both of the PMDG QOTSII and B777 if I boot-up FWinn.exe and FSFDTCP.exe (the radios) OUTSIDE of FSX (before actually booting FSX up). Simply booting these programs up, before activating FSX, seems to allow use of the PMDG B777 and QOTSII. I have the latest FSUIPC version loaded (4.971) and latest version of all PMDG aircraft, as reported my the PMDG Operations Center. Maybe my solution will help some of you who seem unable to "fly" your newer PMDG aircraft in FSX. If you don't use FS-Inn, maybe booting your VATSIM client prior to loading FSX will help you also. I just tried to think "outside the box" when trying to solve this problem - and finally came up with a workaround solution that seems to help me, and may help a few other sim-enthusiasts. Eric Faber
  4. Lindy1958

    747 crashing FSX

    Over the past few days, I too have been experiencing the same crash to desktop with the QoTS-II. However, it (QoTS-II) seems to crash to desktop ONLY when I initiate FS-INN / FS Co-pilot. I can get as far as selecting my airport and selecting the aircraft, but as soon as I initiate FS-INN/Co-pilot, the sim crashes. Post Script: ---- AFTER Uninstalling Windows update KB4038788, my FSX seems to be working fine! FS-INN / Co-pilot booted up without incident and all my other payware aircraft seem to be working as well. The issue, for me, MAY have been between FS-Inn, Co-Pilot, and possibly FSUIPC not playing nicely with Windows update KB4038788. ----- Eric Faber / QOTSII purchased 2/1/2017
  5. I get the shaking at cruise also, but I do not and have never used ezdok software. Any suggestions? I've tried tweaking AS16, but no joy.I've also reducing cruise speed. Also, no joy. In FSX, I use the following add-ons: AS16, FS-Inn, Accu-feel, RAAS, GSX, and of course the most current FSUIPC. Any suggestions that may help me smooth out the flight will be appreciated. Oh, and I've also turbulence and aerodynamic shaking are disabled in the PMDG Aircraft (page #9) of Simulation setup within the FMS. I've attached a screenshot which may give you some idea of what I'm experiencing. You can see the vector (dashed line on NAV map) flicked off to the left in the pic. When at cruise, I the aircraft shakes mildly and the vector needle flips back and forth, from left to right, continuously. Any suggestions / solutions are appreciated. Thank you. Eric Faber
  6. Lindy1958

    Altas 747-400 BCF Released!

    Just ran the Ops Center and there's no trace of the BCF mod - yet.
  7. Lindy1958

    Activation Error

    After almost 2 days of trying everything, including getting help from Paul @ support, I was able to get up & running - & authenticated by the licensing server. Essentially, all I did was: - completely un-install the QOTS-II, - restart my system, - disabled my anti virus & firewall - kept the Windows (persistent) firewall off - reinstalled QOTSII, - fired up FSX (ONLY), - Selected an FSX / Microsoft generic plane, - positioned myself on low-VAS generic airport, - selected the QOTSII aircraft, - got the licensing messages & filled in my install key, - (do this last) restarted my anti virus& firewall, did a quick scan, - then - got my license verified, and went flying in this beautiful beast! Maybe these step will help you, if you're having activation problems. I will say that Paul (at product support) was very timely with responding & deserves (at least) a case of his favorite libation! Eric Faber Longtime PMDG Enthusiast
  8. Lindy1958

    Extended Download Service

    Can anyone tell me how to order/obtain extended download service for the 737 series and 777 aircraft? I'm having troubles with mine, especially the 737 nav radio digits not displaying past the .8 (i.e., no 113.80, only 113.8 is shown). I'd appreciate the help. I'd also like to install my aircraft into FSX-Steam, so, I'm guessing I'd need the extended download service for all aircraft I want to install, or is it just a one time fee? Anyway, I look forward to a solution. Eric Faber
  9. Lindy1958

    Need to download again

    Hello, I own the MD-11, B-747-400 & -800, the 737s, and the JS-4100. How can I purchase an extended download service so I may install these aircraft in FS-Steam? Thank you. Eric Faber
  10. Seems to be working now. Ran the P3Dv2 repair program and all seems fine now. Thanks and sorry for the intrusion.
  11. Did all you recommended. RAAS installed found/selected correct root FSX folder, but still no RAAS in FSX. Eric
  12. I am running Windows-10 Pro. I Intalled the latest update this weekend (of 18-20 Sept) and found that RAAS only wants to work on P3D version 2 now. At least for me. I run FSX and P3D on different drives on the same computer. I have done the following, but still no FSX/RAAS: - Shut off antivirus (Vipre and ensure Windows Defender is off as well) - tried installing new version on top of previous (Feb 2015) version. - Uninstalled both P3D and FSX RAAS programs; performed a restart, then attempted install on both. -- First installed P3D, then FSX versions. Still no FSX/RAAS working, but P3D v2 works fine. -- Uninstalled both Sept versions (both show up in Apps list). -- Installed FSX, then P3D versions; still, no FSX working. P3D works fine. - Checked fsx dll.xml file and found a period in front of the RAAS path/location. Deleted the period and saving the xml file, after checking the P3D xml file and seeing no period in that one. -- Then booted FSX, but still no RAAS. I've also tried going back to the Feb 2015 RAAS version, but still, no FSX version boots. P3D works fine... I'm at a loss, afer spendinng most of an otherwise beautiful weekend trying to get RAAS to work in FSX. Any expert and well-informed assistance will be appreciated. This one's got me puzzled. But then, it doesn't take much to do that anymore! Thanks, Eric
  13. Lindy1958

    FSX Crashes When "Request Route" button pushed on FMS

    Thanks RickB1293! That did the trick. I appreciate it. However, I will say I did as the install notes said and deleted all 777 flightplans prior to the last re-install. So, I guess the the next test will be to see if the probelms rears its ugly head, following placing new flightplans in the 777 folder. Thanks again. I should have been able to figure that out on my own, but guess I was suffering from "brain up & locked" syndrome! All the best, Eric Faber
  14. Lindy1958

    Complete FMC Freeze Pre-Flight

    that's no REALLY a's a work-around. The "issue" needs to be resolved, if indeed it is an issue. Eric Faber
  15. Lindy1958

    FSX Crashes When "Request Route" button pushed on FMS

    Well, it's been over 2 weeks now, and still no answer or response to this problem I'm having! Kinda puts a damper on so-called "custome forum support.".....