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  1. Echo's my thoughts around the Samsung - it's a quality unit and I have no tracking issues at all either. Funnily enough I also had the same problem getting it going first off and had to get the Windows Mixed Reality plugin for Steam VR - not very clear I had to do that! Cheers DJ
  2. Agreed - I'm looking forward to the next chapter of the 777... cough cough... Christmas present?? :)
  3. FYI I got the same thing in X-Plane 11 version when I turned on all the landing lights at once... It's not just P3D - it must be a Fly Inside thing.
  4. HI @Iceman2, Have you played around in the Flight Inside settings and adjusted the resolution to match the native of the Pimax?
  5. I've been looking to go down the Pimax 4k path since my Vive just doesn't have the resolution to make VR fun for me. I primarily spend my time in the PMDG 737 and 777 so I need to be able to read the cockpit displays, my memory of where everything is isn't as great as it was when I was younger :P The Native VR I tried last night in P3D 4.1 was great in that I could use chase plane and all the rest, but I had low FPS (22-25fps in the NGX). I then jumped into the demo of Flight Inside for P3D and while that was a little better (I think it was 30/90) it didn't seem as clear again which was a shame. I don't think anyone will disagree that I have a capable machine but I hope that their is either a silver bullet here for better performance or P3D really refine the VR feature/tech in subsequent releases... Cheers, Sean
  6. DJSean

    Aviasoft EFB

    I used to use it religiously... but now with moving map and the plane overlayed on the Navigraph charts - that might be enough for me.
  7. I'm keen to hear as well...
  8. Can you undock it and using Flyinside navigate to it that way?
  9. Yeah there has to be some underlining issue..
  10. DJSean

    Very poor performance in V4

    Turn off SLI - single card mode mate
  11. I used Steam to buy XP11 and got it at my full connection speed.
  12. DJSean

    Icing detected...Cool!

    Continuing the theme of things that are modeled and attention to the details; On touch down into Bali, Indonesia I heard a rumble like a flat tire as the nose came down and sure enough deflated tired and nose/tire balance fault! Loved it :smile: :smile:
  13. Yeah I was the same wolfgang! Enjoy
  14. Magic - thanks Copper and JRBarrett! Well - its simulated I heard the noise! haha