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  1. Thanks for all, trying to help me. Of course, I tried the tips. However, loading the flight from the start menu directly, did not work for me (everything was loaded, I could hear the sound of the 737NGX, but I did not get anything on the monitor, funny thing). Then I first loaded another aircraft as the default Cessna, in this case, it was the B-747. Then, I loaded the flight, and everything was there, tail and elevator lights worked now, but I still could not switch them off (so the switches from logo and anti-collision lights did not work). Finally, I loaded the default Cessna at Altenrhein (CH), and when it was loaded, I loaded the flight from the FSX menubar, and then everything worked super. Don't understand it, but as long as it works, I'm happy. I must say here. that I have connected the MCP-Combo, the V737 overhead panel and the CDU II (VR-Insight) to FSX. Maybe, everything is caused by this hardware??? Anymay, again thanks for helping me. Regards, Henk Altena
  2. Hello Jim Thanks for the quick answer. I left all the switches, as they were, when saving the flight. Alter reloading, they don't work anymore, switching them off and on, does not bring anything. I did exit FSX, then started FSX again and choose from the start-up menue the same 737-800NGX, and then from the menue: load flight. Reason for saving and subsequently reloading is, that I would like to empty the VAS. The only way is, what I understand, by exiting FSX completely. Henk
  3. Hello everyone When I make a flight at night with the 737-800NGX, and I save the flight, I noticed, that after reloading the flight to continue, I noticed that the tail (logo) and elevator lights, and the anti-collision lights don't work anymore. Is this a known problem, and could anyone help me out. Before saving the flight, everthing was OK. Thanks for helping me out. Henk
  4. Hello everyone I know, this problem was already posted,but I could not find it anymore. I noticed, that the landing-lights of AI-aircraft were not visible anymore in DX10 mode. Somewhere, I red that Steve has developed a fix for this. I can't find this fix. I've a NVidia 570 GPU, and MyTraffic installed on my rig. Has anyone of you the patience, to help me out with this? Thanks in advance. Henk
  5. Petr,First of all: sorry for not have reading your post. If anything works for you, please let me know. Otherwise, I will send you a copy of my files.Henk
  6. It will work. I reorganized all windows in the panel.cfg's a little bit, so it looks a little more logical. If you ever should uninstall and reinstall the Voice Commander, you will loose all of your CDU II windows, so prior to do so, first make a backup.Enjoy flying the new hardware.Henk
  7. Since I don't know, how to create links into a post, I have sent it to you by email. If there are more people interested, they can put it in this thread.Henk
  8. Bryan is right. As I also owns the CDU II, I saw this mess-up afte having installed the CDU. I changed every thing in the panel.cfg and in the panelvc,cfg file from both the 744 and the 744F. If you are interested, I could send you all the panel.cfg you need to have it properly installed. That saves much work for you.Let me hear if you are interested and then I can send it by emailHenk.
  9. Hi guys,You can download the file now from Avsim.com or Flightsim.com.For both web-sitesyou need to be registered.In Flightsim.com, you have to go to the Search Library Section. In the text field, simply type Altena. The first hit is the file, you need.In Avsim.com, you can search for Flightguide in the FSX-Miscellaneous section.I hope, you will like the stuff.Btw, I let it print-out at a Printshop and let them make a professional booklet out of it (with such a plastic spiral). Then you can use it as a hand-out, during your flights.Have fun,Henk
  10. Hi Lenny,As a matter of fact, for a year or so, I did make a video of the 747 on a short flight from ELLX (Luxembourg) to EHAM (Schiphol amsterdam), and I made a DVD from it. This was a video at a good resolution, and therefore too big to upload.I don't like you tube films, because of the bad quality and resolution.So, I don't think of making something like that now.Henk
  11. Hi Lenny,Not necessary to write in bold. Also with 68 years of age, I still can read LOLThe stuff was uploaded today at flightsim.com and avsim.com. It takes a (short) file, before it is downloadable. Then I wil report in this thread how you can find it.Thanks anyway for the feed-back.Kind regards,Henk
  12. Hi,Work on the hand-out has finished and tested out. This week-end, I will upload the file at AVSIM and Flightsim.After these websites have made the file "downloadable", I will report back, how you can find it.Regards,Henk
  13. Hello everyone,I red a couple of posts from forum members, having possibly some problems with the pre-flight events, starting from "cold and dark".I almost finished to write a doc-file (Word format), which guides you through this (self explaining pictures and tasks). If combined with the Operations Manual, you will sure be able to fly the 747 from cold and dark at the departure airport to shutting down at the arrival airport. I use this guide, during all my flights, and find it a real help.If people are interested, I can upload the guide.Kind regards.Henk AltenaBryan, you did another beautiful job again with this 747 Voice Commander. Thanks a lot for it. :(
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