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  1. I normally don't comment on threads, but I felt an exception was needed here. Firstly, I commend Aerosoft for their work. It is a brilliant addon that provides quality and simplicity in the same package. Nothing is ever perfect upon the initial release, so it is pointless to expect perfection at this point. Nevertheless, the addon works and flies beautifully. Kudos Aerosoft! Not necessarily related to this thread, but relavent: I have seen too many threads that end up with 'debates' (and that is the polite way of stating it) that turn into 'one is better than the other'. Competition is a good thing and it drives businesses to constantly improve upon their products, which benefits the quality and complexity of the addons that end up in the hands of Flight Simmers. I appreciate that some people may not want the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended, but that is no reason to condem or ridicule fellow Flight Simmers that have purchased the product. Keep in mind that this is a diverse community with well intentioned people who are here for a common purpose. It sometimes feels that people have forgotten that fundamental commonality.
  2. Awesome idea! That is the best BBJ paint I've ever seen! Great find! The level of detail on it matches perfectly with the level of detail that PMDG put into the NGX
  3. +1 This is a business after all! Through empirical investigation, one might discover the reasons why PMDG does this. As always, back up your files. It will save a lot of time and hassle. It's sorta of like writing a long essay or dissertation; You should save a copy somewhere else in case the computer decides to 'go on the fritz'. :)
  4. This needs to be painted.... I mean... they have the bloody airstairs painted! Beauty!
  5. I have been running the NGX on a Dell 1750 Inspiron without problems. Granted, it isn't as smooth as a PC or higher end laptops. (Which is part of the reason I've just purchased another higher end laptop). Here's my philosophy; If you absolutely must have a laptop, get one. The M18x is nice, but there are cheaper alternatives with the same components. The real question is mobility. I'm typically flying from place to place, and away from home 200 days per year. (If you hate being away from home, don't become an accountant) p.s. Spend the extra money on the extended warranty. Since your on the road like I am, it is critical to be 'up and running' 24/7Good luck with your laptop purchase or whatever you decide to do!
  6. That probably was you then. I remember it specifically because the controller gave instructions to multiple aircraft at the same time and everyone but myself stepped on each other in the read-back. I came in last and pretty much everyone laughed at my failure to read-back at the same time as everyone else. Good fun as always!
  7. Sorry, I should have been clearer. It was a couple of months ago.Currently parked for the night in DCA with a return flight to SEA scheduled for the morning. Nothing like a nice long flight, 21+ beverage, and the Super Bowl!
  8. Just out of curiosity Nick... Did you happen to be flying on VATSIM about 1 1/2 months ago in Anchorage airspace with 2 other people, all of whom were using the FedEx 738? I remember landing right behind a FedEx 738. I was in a FedEx MD-11. As I recall Anchorage center was online.
  9. +1 and Ditto! Hence, ASA2 will be last flight until Monday
  10. In this example: 46N30..43N38..39N44..35N48..30N53I believe they would be entered into the RTE page as: 4630N.4338N, etc...I could be wrong but I haven't done it in quite awhile.
  11. Currently parked at SEA North Terminal, Gate 6Departing at 2:05pm to DCASEA J90 MWH HLN DPR MCW JOT J30 SHAAR and arrival will most likely be the ELDEE5I've always liked these topics
  12. I believe there is a YouTube video of an argument that occurred in Mumbai (correction: Dehli) after passengers noticed that the food served by AI had mold and was past it's expiration date. I'll try to locate the video and post a link to it on here.AI could be a great airline, but they need to sort out these issues first. As always, the toughest part of fixing a fledgling company is in marketing the changes that have occurred. They've done a nice job of updating their aircraft and product, but they still have other areas to work on. All in good time I suppose.Video link:
  13. Air India/ (Air India Express) seem to have had their fair share of incidents within the past couple of months. Lets not forget the Air India 777 that taxied onto the active runway at JFK. It's one of the airlines that is on my personal and family blacklist. VATSIM gets it's fair share of whack-jobs, but most of the people seem to behave them selves. It's also important not to loose sight of the 'fun factor' involved with VATSIM. Even in the RW, especially late at night, I and others have 'joked' with ATC. Not as in telling jokes over the frequency, but just adding a little colorful flavor to our transmissions or radio checks if there has been a prolonged period of silence on the frequency. I remember a late night on VATSIM in LAX where a kid was screaming... excuse me... squealing on Center's frequency. Every time a pilot tried to communicate the kid would start squealing into the mic. It took about 15 minutes to get an Admin to bump the moron off.As for Air India and it's subsid's, they need to get their act together or they may end up loosing their ability to operate to various foreign destinations.
  14. Well.... It's all speculation until RSR makes the announcement. (Personally I'm hoping for an update on the Dash8 project) I very much doubt that it's going to be the release of the T7. Their going to work the kinks out of the NGX before the T7 gets released.Nothing to do but kick back with a cold-one and wait for the official announcement.p.s.Don't remember who posted the comment about "knowing what it was", but I doubt they do. PMDG is like Apple. They know how to keep a lid on their projects, and that's a good thing.P.S. To dispel any confusion; 'weeks' end on Saturday and begin on Sunday. Just posting for the sake of information. ie. This has nothing to do with PMDG and their post.
  15. I would also like to report the same issue. The only solution of found so far is to turn off the yaw damper. While I am aware that it is not the correct way to operate the aircraft, the yaw damper is just far to unstable. I don't recall having experienced this before installing the latest Service Pack. Other than that minor issue, the NGX works as it should. Would also like to add that I have tested this issue and it does appear to be NGX related. The PMDG JS41, 744 and MD-11 do not share this problem.
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