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  1. For the record in DX10 the notorious "bloom" effect was implemented by completely another method than in DX9, and it works! Also, this pretty old (but still effective) article is worth reading, imo: FSX - SP2 and DX10 Performance.
  2. Hello, thanks for the good news! Somehow I missed that, would you please quote namely what and where exactly did he say that? Well, actually, there's already a special payware addon ('Addon converter', AFAICR) on the market for quite some time, which converts those aforementioned textures on the fly. That is, it does the work which is supposed to be done by the developers of those models themselves before they release their products to the consumers.
  3. DX10 only, but unfortunately there are way too many models and scenery parts with textures which look wrong in DX10 (gray or black). Many of them due to they are just lame-ported from respective FS9 versions, and the rest is simply lame. All that needs to be done to fix it is just converting textures into the correct for FSX format. But alas, in many, if not most, cases it can be done by developers only (.MDL, for instance, can't be easily disassembled and compiled back safely).
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