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  1. Wow!America West and Aloha are looking great, great work guys and thanks!
  2. No, Fabo wasn't making any jokes, he was replying to my original joke. I MADE THE JOKE. And it was just that, people around here need to get over themselves sometimes, nobody said anything about the stewardess, she was brave. We were talking about the possibility of making that very aircraft. So lets not blow the whole thing out of proportion. It's not ready yet, as I stated, I still have a long way to go on it. It's my first paint and it's a lot harder then you think to get all those complex lines lined up perfectly. I haven't given up on it either, it just won't be ready any time soon, I'm not a full time painter, I do have a real job as well.
  3. ....or until people start putting their full names per the forum rules.....
  4. Are you going to make one of those in a convertable? j/k :(
  5. Maryland One is still a work in progress and I won't have time to work on it until Friday. It's still a ways off, so there is no projected release date. I'll post an update when I get the chance to work on it. And if there's another painter who wants to pick up the project where I have it PM me and I'll get you the PSD's.
  6. You are the man Chris, thanks, nice work!!!!
  7. Without tinkering myself, I believe that you have to adjust the Alpha layer to get a better shine, that's what I've done on other paints.
  8. Chris those look great, can't wait to fly that -800 when she hits the fleet...is your as shiny and glossy as the one in the pics? Thanks again...
  9. Ya guys, I wouldn't hold your breath for Slam Dunk One, this one is going to be hard enough to finish, I never even liked Slam Dunk One, so I don't think I'll be painting that one...sorry. Right now I'm just hoping I'll finish this one......
  10. Anthony, Matt, Joshua thanks for the kind words. Still have a long way to go on Maryland One,there are A LOT of places that still don't match up. I'm done with her for tonight, need a brake from the maddening corrections and tweaking. Here's a couple of screen shots of where she stands right now......
  11. Josh, I picked it, because I'm a SWA fan, and Maryland and Florida are the only two real world -700 SWA specialty paints that haven't been done......Illinois One has already been painted and I believe it's on AVSIM....maybe if I do finish this one, I'll try for FLA, but I wouldn't count on it.....
  12. Another update on Maryland One, still LOTS and LOTS of areas to fix, this project should be called the painters appreciation project (PAP), because I'm getting a lot of it trying to make this one match up. Why did I pick this aircraft as my first!!!!
  13. Figured I'd try my hand, don't get your hopes up that this will ever be finished, but here's the start.....first paint... Anyone know what font is used on the nose bay door?
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